Friday, October 31, 2008

Big Draw Draws To An End

My Focus on the political scene came through a lot...See Today's drawing
in the middle of this collage.
I saw this woman today, the one in the lower left corner done in BLUE at the beauty salon today when I was getting my hair done. I'd never seen her before and didn't realize people still wore
this hair do. Amazing!!!
Dolls, Cows. Little girls, and Women Ink and colored pencils I enjoyed it all...what a good challenge this was! And I enjoyed watching the progress in all of your drawings as well. Next Month is Art Every Day! Happy Halloween, and Remember to Vote Early if you can, or Just Vote!


  1. This is cool. wow. I like them all together. I need to learn how to do this.
    Lots of fun drawings here. would make a cute book too.
    yeaaaaaa we did it. :))

  2. Wasn't the big draw great! I am skipping Art every day since I am doing the National Novel Writing Month but I will be looking forward to seeing what you do.


  3. What a great way to look back at all your work. Would make a great collage.

  4. Cris...its' easy. Just hit Collage on Picasa and add your photos in the holding box. (Hold them first then hit which type of collage you want) and it creates it for you.

    Kate, enjoy your writing. Do people post that as they go too?
    some each day?
    Thanks for coming here to see what I am doing and I do hope you return.

    HiddenArt: Nice to see you here too.
    Yes, I look at my collages of art and have a hard time believing I drew all those pictures. Whew!

  5. I like the way you put these all together, how did you do that???
    I loved the Big draw - and would also love to review exactly what I did this month.

    Oh as I read down I see you do this in Picasa. I haven't used that service yet.....

  6. Lynn, this is a great show of all the drawings you did! And one can feel that soon there will be the policitical decision! Wow, I so hope that the right person emerges! For all of my friends in America and the rest of the Americans too. I'm really hoping for Obama here on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, andI know lots of people here do,
    have a wonderful weekend

  7. Nice to see your drawings gathered together like this. Impressive amount of work and focus. Have fun with your next challenge. Be well, suki

  8. this is indeed see them all together, yes it has been a really full and fulfilling month. hugs and well will have to change your blog title as you are no longer 'getting your feet wet' you are now well and truly drenched!

  9. what a great way to put them all together and see them as a unit! love it. looks like you had a lot of fun and your drawings are all so full of energy and life! great job!


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