Thursday, October 30, 2008

Big Draw #30 and more Fall Walking

Big Draw #30...I have no idea who she is...she just popped out of my head! More walking in fall and signs of Halloween everywhere! I loved seeing this corn growing in someones front yard right near the sidewalk!
I like that bumpy one in front center.
Happy Halloween Tomorrow!


  1. Fun little snapshots in time!!

    I hope you keep sketching and posting after Halloween is over.

  2. Hey thats a great drawing for just popping out of your head. Kudos to you. I love love love that last photo of the house with the pumkins on the front porch. Great shot. reminds me of some I got with a friend years ago when walking around the streets on balboa Island in CA. they had the cutest yards & porches fixed up with lots of color like that.

  3. Happy Halloween to you two. Doing faces is so interesting, you wonder where they come from sometimes.


  4. the woman has got a character... very nice work...

    happy halloween to you too...

  5. love your drawing and the photos from your walk! also love the photo that opens with your blog ;-)


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