Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Finding Fall on a Walk With Lynn & #29 of Big Draw

Can you hear these leaves crunching beneath my feet? I love this sound. And since rain is on it's way, today and tomorrow are the days to listen to my feet walking down the street.... Today I went looking for signs of fall. This bit of color is on a tree around the corner from my office. We don't have forests of color the way you do in the eastern states, but maybe that makes the little bits all the more appreciated.
I've parked by these leaves every day this week and kept reminding myself to bring my camera to work so I could show them to I remembered...
And then there was this lone red leaf laying on the huge branch of this tree as I started my noontime walk today. Sweet?
Happy Fall!
We are winding down the Big Draw for the month of October
and this is my 29th drawing for that challenge.
A self portrait of a younger me?
The eye brows may look familiar to those who know me well,
the hair is familiar too...other than that, well,
I knocked off about 30 years I'd say...
Okay, a younger me...with fuller lips.
Done from memory.


  1. Hey I am all for knocking off any amount of age any way I can. LOL
    great drawing. and nice fall pix.
    I cant believe the Big Draw is about over...where did OCTOBER go???

  2. Beautiful photos, lovely drawing of a lovely lady! Well done, I've really enjoyed checking out your drawings everyday.
    Thank you for you kind words, I'm feeling much better now.

  3. love that lone leaf, it depicts autumn in lots of ways....
    ha ha a younger cuter sexier you! like it. lots of chutzpah!
    yes where did october go?

  4. Interesting self portrait. I think they are more about the inner person than the outer anyway. Thanks for the fall tour. Crunch crunch. The other day I sat at the pond and watched leaves fall one by one onto the water and float like little boats.

  5. I really appreciated your snaps of beautiful leaves as we do have leaves in Arizona but not colorful.

    Love the new 'younger' you. :)

    It's been fun sharing the month with you.

  6. you look great at any age...

    the lone leaf is so cute....

  7. Beautiful self-portrait! Your choice of colors are bright and cheerful. It has been great seeing all of your drawings this month! Thank you for sharing.

    The fall photos are wonderful. I especially love the picture of the Bungalow style house. Wouldn't it be great sitting on the porch visiting and laughing with friends and family, while the fall leaves danced around us? Yes, I am a romantic at heart.

    Happy Halloweeen ~ Happy Fall.


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