Friday, November 7, 2008

Art Every Day #7 Cotton Knit Scarf

This delicate cotton scarf is knitted using Lido Columbia Minerva yarn, the label says: "Comfortable cotton with a glint of glamour" 75 % cotton 25% Viscose. It is soft to the touch. I used size 13 needles to knit it loose. I got the yarn at the thrift store and have enough to make ten more scarves easily! ;-) I think I will wear it tomorrow night to the art gallery reception for the new show. My "Night Owl" art quilt wall hanging is in this show called "Nature's Bounty". Today I am joining my friend Kathy for lunch in a town away. We want to visit the art gallery there and the quilt store too because I've not yet been to that one and heard it is good. ;-) I put my Night Owl art quilt up in the banner because she is in a show this month at the local art gallery!


  1. Congrats re: Night owl in show. And hope you had a fun lunch. You will look glamorous in yr scarf I am sure. Have fun.pust

  2. Wow another scarf. you are prolific. I have one to finish that I have been working on for two years now. lol No lie.
    Hope you had a nice day today. Nice to get out and about with friends and DO LUNCH.:))

  3. my mother used to knit exactly this type of things in my childhood..your blog is very impressive and find immense happy to see such good artwork.

  4. wow i can't keep up with you, fantastic, and i love the owl. seems your life truly began after 60! go girl!

  5. I am glad that you were not hurt. Your scarf is lovely.
    Your, Mary


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