Friday, November 7, 2008

Lunch/Friend; 2 Art Galleries, 1 Quilt Shop + 1 Car Accident

I AM OKAY!!!! The car accident was the exclamation point on an otherwise beautiful wonderful art filled day. I got rear ended making a left hand turn at a green light on my way home by a guy who decided to drink water rather than pay attention to what was going on in front of him! My car will need some body work but at least I could drive it home after the towing guy wired up my exhaust pipe so it wouldn't drag on the road. The other guys car was an accordion! He was holding his abdomen and I will probably ache tomorrow around neck and shins. But tonight I feel fine. Now to the day! I had a delicious lunch at the Hyatt Regency Hotel (a first for me) a grilled vegetable sandwich that was oh so good while my dear friend Kathy and I caught up on our lives with each other. From there we went to the local art gallery in her town and saw a show put on by a group of woman artists who call themselves ArtDivas ( This gallery was a long narrow white room with huge windows and great lighting. The art went down both sides and down the center of the room. I apologize for not taking my camera. Bits of it can be seen on the postcard above and on their website. It was AWESOME! We stayed a long time giving lots of attention to each detail. We left there and went up the street a few blocks to another gallery called Art Explosion. This was a huge warehouse filled with art floor to ceiling and also allowed for several artists to paint and create right there. Again we enjoyed many of the works we saw. The music that attacked our ears upon entering the doors was hard rock and left a lot to be desired by us...not our taste. And it made talking about the art nearly impossible. We had to tug each others sleeves and point and mouth our impressions. I also dragged Kathy to a quilt shop in the same block and came out with three Batik fat quarters gleaned on sale! The rest you know. I came home after the accident. [Oh, at the accident scene two very nice men stopped to help me, one called the highway patrol, the other let me use his cell phone to call my insurance company and that guy stayed, left and came back and stayed with me again until I finally made him go home when the tow truck guy arrived. I felt like a damsel in distress well taken care of. ;-) And then I knit this scarf you also see in the above photo...nearly done. Knitting I find to be very relaxing and I needed to relax after this eventful day.


  1. Glad you're okay, Damsel in Distress. And I'm amazed yet again at how prolific you are.

  2. Oh my. Glad you are okay. Sometimes it is the next day that the strain shows up in neck etc. Goodness. At least the first part of the day was fun and interesting. Hurrah for knitting to help with life's traumas.

  3. So glad you are alright. Nice to have someone come to you aid and be so gallant as to stay with you.
    Sounds like a nice day you had. Hope the accident didnt ruin that.
    I dont know why people cant pay more attention to driving. all this talking on phones and drinking water is so dangerous. Pull over if it is so important.
    My neighbor has been rear ended twice because of talking on cell phones.
    BTW. another nice scarf. you sure crank them out fast. will you come finish mine? LOL

  4. Oh, I'm so glad you weren't hurt. Sounds like a wonderful day, a treat.

    I can't wait to learn to knit. I have to get my little quilt done first, and then my daughter is going to teach me. Yay. I want to make a scrumptious scarf.

  5. Oh my goodness, it's like a bad dream. Thank goodness you are okay. What a way to ruin a perfect day.

  6. Thank you all for your good wishes.
    It's two days later and I feel fine. No after effects (yet) from being rear ended. ;-)

    It did not ruin the rest of the day...the earlier part was wonderful and the rest of the day was recuperative (word?)...and filled with being grateful for being alive and not worse off from the ordeal.


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