Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sewing, Knitting, and Visiting My Owl Art at Gallery

Things to show, share, sell or give as gifts... Art Every Day is keeping me going either at the sewing machine or with my knitting needles...
This is the crazy bulky bumpy cotton knit scarf shaped weirdly and wildly with a promise of warmth.
I love how this cotton/Viscose knits up, so light weight and delicate
And then there is this little nothing bag made from
a recycled fancy dress with beading across the top.
Just enough room for cell phone, hankie and tickets for a show. ************
I dropped it at the art gallery today to see my tree quilt called Night Owl, the very one in my banner up above, and was happy to find her hanging below a beautiful painting
of like colors and nature.
I had a nice chat with Judie, the director, and learned they had a waiting in line out the door crowd at the reception Saturday night (which I skipped due to emotionally recovering from my little car accident)...She said they sold $2500 worth of art off the walls and from the gift shop that night alone! Bravo to our artists and gallery.


  1. Looking good. You have been busy this month and it is only the 11th. I like your ETSY shop. looks really good.
    I hope someone falls in love with that Owl and had to have it in their home. That would be cool. :))

  2. Yes, you've been really busy, good luck.
    We will move into this house while we start renovating a bigger house that we will eventually live in.This one is small and will be rented out.we are in the country and it's a good walking area.

  3. i am so proud that i got there first and have one of your originals on my wall. every single day it brings me joy! the thing about you is that you are not afraid to experiment! yes, 69 days to go, oooh then baby bean will be here (we won't be told her name till she's born, boo hoo!!)

  4. Lynn, you are a whirlwind of activity with or without AEDM. Lovely things. Glad yr quilt is in a good spot and that the gallery did so well. WOW.

  5. Lynn, thank you for visiting my transitional blog. I really appreciate your comment there. I have another more conversational blog, if you are interested I would love to have you join in the conversation.

    You do keep busy with the needle. I love to sew and did a great deal in the past. Needlework consumed me for many years until my hands just gave out on me (saving them in case I might have grandchildren one day). And I have just picked up some simple knitting during the winter months, so all of your lovely ideas are very enticing to me. I love the little bag you made from the fancy dress. I have an old silk dress I haven't had the courage to toss out because I knew there was something which might be done with that lovely silk....just maybe you have inspired me again!

    Thanks so much, Lynn!

  6. Good-morning Lynn, thank you for coming by. I love your bags, they are really beautiful.
    No tree up, I am just getting ready for the season. I put our tree up with just lights about a week before Christmas and then decorate it the day before Christmas eve. I love to do all the decorations for Christmas, but I don't keep them up very long.
    See ya later, Hugs..Mary


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