Saturday, November 22, 2008

sukipoet made me do it!

I guess the power of suggestion in blog land is strong (for me anyway). SukiPoet posted about buying pomegranates the other day and today I had a draw to pull into Costco. I must have had a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket. I came out having tasted the pomegranate juice, and picking up a bottle, then picking up a crate of ten beautiful poms. (along with fresh dried apricots, fresh peels garlic, a whole pineapple and a crate of yams! Tis the season! When I was in the store a little old couple stopped me seeing my crate of poms and told me that they had just bought their first ever pomegranates and asked me how I opened and ate them. I gave a detailed explanations which follows here in case you've never done this yourself: First I cut the top or crown off... then I separate the outer skin after cutting into it around about four times...
Then while running water over the pieces I remove the red seeds from the white pulp. If I did it with out water running my hands and sink would be all red from the juice.
I bagged up the seeds from two poms and will eat them plain and on plain yogurt.
Aren't they beautiful?
Thanks Suki for sending me to the store.
These by the way were $1 each.
I got 10.


  1. yes i love pomegranates, their colour mainly.

  2. Well you are very welcome. Those fruits and poms look gorgeous. Ten! Wow. The method you show of cutting them open is very similar to the 3 easy step instructions on the Calif. Pomegranate site. They are beautiful and so yummy. I want to get some pom juice now too as another friend touts it's health giving properties. :)

  3. Cute blog title too. I just HAD to open the post when I saw that on my blogroll thing.

  4. OMGosh.. Now I may have to go get some.LOL
    My Aunt used to have a pom tree in her yard and she always made pomegranted jelly. Oh it was soooooooo good. She said of all the things she misses since they sold that house five years ago is that tree. :))

  5. Wow, that Suki was certainly persuasive in her blog. That color is so beautiful!

  6. BTW I tried them on my cold cereal this morning and they and it was delicious! Really, try it, you'll like it!


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