Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterdays thrift store was raffling off a quilt, had the main body of the store set up with sewing machines and a trunk full of fabric neatly washed, folded and tagged, jars of buttons, embellishments, and books. I could not resist! I bought a wonderful hard bound book for $1 called "A Name On the Quilt A story of Remembrance" written by Jeannine Atkins Illustrated by Tad Hills. It's about the AIDS quilt and written for a child to understand. Very beautifully done. Am sure my grand kids will like it without yet understanding death or AIDS. But will relate to the quilt that the whole family is creating together. I grabbed this little glass jar of metal buttons. Some seem to be from foreign countries (to me) and will get my magnifying glass out later to read the language they are in... Then I poured through the trunk of fabrics and hauled home a huge bag full including cottons, flannels, prints, felt, blanket material (the orange bundle); batting...and also found some thin pink delicate yarn, and a bag of string/twine some braided. All of which I was sure could be used on some creation someday.
And last night I did a little more work on Erika's World. The sunflower got yellow petals and green leaves, the frame got brown ribbon around two sides...The rest of the ribbon frames other squares on the piece. I actually bought this ribbon in MN last summer at a marvelous quilt shop there run by the woman, Susan Stein, who does art quilts. I'm starting to add in more photographs today.
That's me and Erika/ma, not yet sewn down here at the bottom taken last summer.


  1. This is fantastic. I think your best one so far. and I dont see the Cardenal so there is much more to this piece. love how the bird house section went. Little works of Art sewn together to make a large piece of Art.
    And look at the goodies you found today too.

  2. what a great haul! and Erika's quilt is coming along so beautifully...

  3. Wow, you had an early Christmas with all those treasures. Sounds like such fun, wish I could have joined you.

    Those buttons are quite fascinating. What is it about buttons-I have always loved them.

  4. Such great finds! The buttons look lovely - I don't know what it is about buttons. They have always been so appealing to me - and I don't even sew.

    And your quilt is just gorgeous - there are so many details and the colours are wonderful.

  5. this post is packed with so many precious things....

    the birdhouse is a real wow... along with the sunflower, it illustrates one of the most magnificent scenes i've ever seen...

    the book and the treasure of the metal buttons look so inviting...

    and those fabric which will be alive in Lynn's hands... the most creative quilt maker...

  6. I love it. You've put a lot of whimsy into this and really defined the interests of your MIL too.

  7. That must be some pretty high class thrift store to hold a raffle and then decorate the store with quiltish items. The book looks interesting and all the goodies you bought. Can I come visit and just go to thrift stores??? I dont want to see SF and the ocean and the beauty of CA, no no just the thrift stores. I dont want to eat the fresh fruit and veggies. No, no. Just the....well you get the idea.

    The quilt is so moving and lovely.

  8. Hello Lynn,
    In reply to your query about those green objects in one of my photos, they are large seed pods full of seed heads similar to dandelion seeds. The flower resembles a jasmine but smaller and the fragrance is very delicate. The plant is a fast climber. We don't know the name though!!
    I think I know the name of the fruit you mentioned, we had something that sounds similar in Spain and it was called a custard apple, absolutely delicious.

  9. Thanks Cris, it's coming along. I am enjoying going slow on this one. Taking my time to make it right for and about Erika's World.

    Thanks Mim, I'm glad you like it.

    Teri C, yes, do come and go thirft shopping with me, it's a great fun.
    I always find good treasures. My love of buttons goes back to childhood playing in my grandmother's sewing room with her big tin of buttons. I remember it to this day.

    BelleEnchanted, many thanks for your kind words.

    HumanBeing, I love how closely you look at everything and how much you show your appreciation for detail. I too love the birdhouse scene as the garden just invites us in. Erika loved her garden. Thanks for your compliments.

    Chris of Shady Grove, thanks too for your added compliments. Much appreciated.

    SukiPoet, go buy your ticket for CA. And come out so we can thrift shop together. You'll need an extra suitcase for all you find.
    This is the Battered Women's shelter thrift store, and they have seasonal sales. This is obviously quilt time (I think they make the quilts at the shelter or others do to raffle and sell them for the shelter)...And they are creative. They also have a Jewelry sale once a year. At Halloween there were tons of costumes, decorations, etc. So it goes there. Yes, you would love it. I sure do. We could enjoy the fruit together too.

    Thanks to about my quilt. I'm glad it "moves you". ;-)

    Jude, thanks for the explanation. If you ever find those apple custard fruits tell me as I'd pay to have some shipped here. That does sound right too. They were so delicious I ate and ate them until I got... frequent need of the rest room. ;-) I'd sure like to eat them again before I die.


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