Friday, December 26, 2008

Erika's World

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We had a super day yesterday, Christmas in Minnesota. Erika LOVED her art quilt. You can see her identifying people in it in the upper left corner of the collage. She knew everyone there, loved all the birds and animals and when she got done looking at it she turned to me and said: "You put my whole world in there." (I had not told her what I had named the quilt. It was just obvious!) It did bring tears to my eyes to have it so warmly received. Karen of course saw it the day before and she loved it too. ;-) Erika also told me the "German ribbon" on the bottom of the quilt is Barvarian and she told me about the different costumes there!

Erika also enjoyed receiving the crocheted shawl I gave her. She wore it, as you can see in the next photo down on left. She said it was warm and she liked the sparkly threads on the outside trim a lot. It's interesting to me to note that the shirt she was wearing had belonged to my mother. It was among my mom's clothing that I sent Erika 15 years ago after my mom died. She obviously takes very good care of her clothes! You can see my DH looking at the family tree (mom's German family) in middle right side of collage. As you can see we had a lot of fun...enjoyed a good turkey dinner together, played music, enjoyed the Christmas tree, and later in the evening DH lit candles in my SIL's Lenox menorah for Chanukah. Oh, and my SIL, nephew and I sat around and knit and crocheted throughout the evening. Nephew was a quick study and is half way to finishing a scarf for himself. I hope you all enjoyed your day as well.

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  1. Looked like a really nice famliy gathering. So happy they all enjoyed the quilt wall hanging. It did go with your SIL's couch. Nice that MIL recognized everything in there as HER world. She must be doing pretty good.
    I loved seeing you all knitting together. Even nephew. When I finished my scarf I wanted to do another. It's habit forming. :))
    Love the photos. Keep posting them.

  2. What a beautiful Christmas/Hannukah your family had! The part where Erica said "You put my whole world in there" must have brought tears to your eyes. That comment is what making art is all about!

  3. Lynn,

    I teared up when I read Erika's comment, "You put my whole world in there." What a precious gift. One that she will always treasure.

    I loved the pictures of your nephew from the previous post. The one with the scarf over his mouth is great. He must have a fun personality. He reminds me of my nephews.

    Thanks for sharing such great family photos. Knowing your sweetheart, he is loving the snow!


  4. Cris, it was a nice family gathering. But Erika is signifantly worse mentally than six months ago when we were here.
    Physically too. She had a broken hip and survived that! We are grateful. But her quality of life is waning.

    It was fun knitting together.

    Diane, yes, it warmed my heart to have Erika see her quilt and enjoy it so. Tomorrow we'll hang it at her place in her room. I did cry.

    TerBear, he talks a good talk but he has yet to walk in the snow for any length of time. LOL

  5. Sounds like such a wonderful day! I bet that quilt means so very much to her!

    One of these days I'm going to try knitting - do you need good eyesight?

  6. do you need good eye sight to knit,that is the question.
    I often knit and crochet while watching TV and only look down on occasion. Crocheting is easier for me to do by feel, but I do believe I also am getting good enough (if I do not need to count or follow a complicated pattern) to knit by feel too. so try it. I bet you can do it. You obviously have good enough vision to take awesome photographs and to quilt right?
    Then you must see well enough to knit as well.

  7. This is so beautiful Lynn. HOw lovely that Erica got to see and recognize "her world." She's beautiful. Love that pic of you three knitting etc. What a warm and wonderful time it all looks. Blessings, Suki

  8. what an amzing person you are lynn, giving joy all around you. yet again i am honoured to have one of your quilts with my 'whole life' in it, hanging on my wall. erika was blessed that day. i also don't look to knit and crochet, so can watch tv too. can't do embroidery anymore though, eyes not good enough! happy new year to you and yours.


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