Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas Morning in Minnesota

We arrived safely last night...flew in from CA via Arizona to Minnesota! Left 50 degree weather that was starting to feel cold to me, and arrived in deep snow at zero degrees. Glad I practiced bundling up before we left! ;-)
Please click on photo to enlarge...the clouds are awesome and so is the snow!!!!
Later we'll go get DH's ma and bring her here and I'll give her the art quilt: "Erika's World"...SIL already saw it and LOVES IT!!!! It's absolutely beautiful here with all the white stuff everywhere. Trees are flocked. It looks like a real live Christmas card! Even a Jewish/Chanukah gal like me can enjoy it!!! SIL had a new wooden driedel and Chanukah chocolates in gold foil on my bed pillow for me. So sweet of her. Merry Christmas to all of you who are enjoying it today. And Enjoy your day what ever you are doing!!!!
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  1. We woke up to snow this morning too. but it will be gone by noon. Sure was pretty to look out the sunroom and see it all around us.
    Looks like everyone is enjoying all your hard work too. Hat and scarf look nice and warm.
    Love the clouds photo. Stay warm and enjoy the company.

  2. Happy Christmas and New Year!
    my dearest Lynn, may all your days shine with happiness!

    great photos especially the clouds... so soothing...

    oh... the letters i should tye for word verification are: jewsh

    i forgot to say Happy Chanukah!

  3. hb yes, unbelievable but not at the same we are so connected...iloveit...

    cris, enjoy your snow...i now understand your "being cold"...;-)

  4. It's been lovely, mostly warm and just a bit rainy here in Georgia this Christmas!!!! My son and his wife from Minnesota are thawing out!
    I'm glad you are seeing the beauty of the snow! Hope your MIL loves her quilt!!!

  5. What a beautiful collage of winter-wonderland splendor! 50 degrees will feel downright balmy when you return to California.

  6. Happy holidays from Wisconsin to Minnesota! Your scenes look as familiar as the ones here. I love being with my family-well, okay love every minute, but AZ is sure looking good right about now.

    Everyone went skating today...except me, I enjoyed it through the window. I am a WIMP!


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