Sunday, December 21, 2008

Oh, We Had Such FUN!!!!!

Click on collage to enlarge and see details if you like.

Our fourth Chanukah in our home with these grand children! They sat with me and told the story of the greedy king and the quilt maker, and proceeded to make cards for all their family members and wrap gifts which they later handed out. I do believe they "got" the lesson of the joy of giving! They loved making paper drediels (spinning tops); playing drediel spinning with the grown ups; counting all of grandma's menorah collection; listening to the song "Drediel, Drediel" on the Lenox music box (thanks Patty); setting the table with the Chanukah paper cloth and napkins (thanks Patty), lighting candles in the menorahs (3) including one they brought from home; and opening their gifts. Grandson LOVED getting the remote control car, Brum, of Grandpas to finally take home and KEEP! And Grand daughter surprised me with first accepting Curious George, the long time companion to her Mono Monkey, also to KEEP, by telling me later in the evening: "Grandma, I don't want to take George home, I want to leave him here and have Mono visit him." Okay...I guess our previous game was more fun that actually "owning him" herself! ;-) All in all it was a most perfect day and evening. I feel full filled beyond my wildest dreams. So many blessings. Again, I am wishing all of you the best most full filling holidays and new year in what ever way you choose to celebrate or pass this time as this wonderful year comes to an end and the new year begins. May we all have good health, and happiness. And may we somehow survive this recession time and come out smelling like roses!

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  1. I am not so familiar with Jewish traditions, but this sure looks like a wonderful family get together! And I saw you did a lot of preparations! Wonderful!
    This is happiness!
    Did you see Lolo´s wonderful painting?

  2. Great photos. Everyone looks happy.
    I think GD thinks of Curious George in connection with you. You come with him. It wouldnt be the same if you werent there with him. :))She likes you she really likes you. lol Sounding like Sally fields accepting her Oscar one year. LOL
    Sounds like a fun family evening and you enjoyed ever second of it.:))

  3. what a festive gathering! I also love the menorah all lit up...beautiful!

    Thanks for stopping by with such nice comments!
    Chanukah blessings :)

  4. Have you read "the quiltmaker's gift" with them? Lovely books (and the companion books that have the patterns for the quilts are quite nice too!)

    Enjoy your festival of lights!!!

  5. Yes, Lady Bug, The Quiltmaker's Gift is what inspired my Lesson on Generosity/gift giving for the kids. I found it a week ago in a used book store in SF. I did not know there were more books to go with it. I'll keep an eye out for them. It is a most beautiful book.
    And we are, we lit our first night candle tonight. ;-)

    Marianne, thank you and thank you for sending me to Lolo's blog. Her painting of the Tree Menorah is beautiful to behold.

    Cris, yes, my grand daughter obviously liked the "game" rather than the "catch". I'm glad in the end as we can continue it...

    Studio Lolo thanks for coming here, I am honored. Your painting touched my heart as I said before.

  6. It does look like you created a wonderful time for your family. Everything looks beautiful. The singing and art making and book reading--all so wonderful to do with the kids. Glad grandson loved his remote car. Interesting granddaughter left Curious George w/you. They are quite some kids. And you are quite the gram. Many blessings as the holiday proceeds. Remember to tell us about which candle lasts the longest. Blessings, Suki

  7. Lynn, love the pictures of your Chanuka celebration, so many happy faces and interesting games and like the story about your granddaughter wanting curious goerge stay with you so that she can visit him:), And the two bearded men at the table are nice to look at too:) Like wise men in a fairy tale:)

  8. Oh, yes, it's so much fun. They all looked so happy. Lucky you, you deserve it after all that hard work.
    Peace and love

  9. Suki, believe it or not the middle candle, the one called the Shamas, that is used to light the other candles and therefore is lit first lasted the longest last night. Of course last night was officially the first night of Chanukah and we light only the Shamas and the first candle on the right. We go right to left adding one candle per night until all eight are lit on the last or eighth night of Chanukah!

    Thanks for letting me give this little Chanukah lessons to those who may not be familiar with the tradition.

    Andrea, the two bearded "wise-men" are my brother facing you in the photo, and my dear husband on the left with arm extended spinning a drediel/top.

    Jude, thank you. The hard work was so worth it!!! I am still enjoying the memories of all of it!!!

  10. There is nothing like spending time with family. What adorable grandchildren you have.

  11. Looks like it was a wonderful time Lynn! Love the smiles on the kids, especially on Grandson with HIS new remote control car. And by the way, that is one cool car!

  12. Looks so festive and cozy.
    I love that you "found" my cards, and made the connection a year later. So funny that we met and then met again. I love this kind of stuff.
    Have a wonderful holiday!

  13. wow - what fun! Everyone looks happy and healthy - which is great to see. The stories are interesting; my twins never wanted to take home the two monkeys that lived at my house - I think they liked knowing that they had something of theirs over here.
    happy holidays Lynn - to you and your family.

  14. Kathryn thank you. Yes. There is NOTHING like it!!!

    Sylvain, yes he was thrilled. Now DH is going to miss his car as his second one did not have a controller. He didn't realize this until the other was in the box wrapped. Poor Grandpa. Maybe grandson will let him play with it when we go to visit them at their house! ;-)

    Yes, Terry I love this stuff too. I posted it for Dec 23rd!!!!

    Mim, Grand daughter had acted like she wanted me to leave George at her house when I'd come to visit. but apparently she liked the begging and my saying no he had to go home and she'd visit him there.
    It was so cute when she told me she didn't want to take him home.
    and wanted Mono to visit him here.
    Kids are great. Just takes me a bit to figure them out sometimes.
    To figure out what they REALLY WANT! ;-)

  15. You all look so happy and peaceful.
    I love the collage, it is such a fun way to share.
    I wish you love everyday,


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