Saturday, December 20, 2008

More Chanukah Preparations

I set out my small collection of Chanukah Menorahs (candle holders), music box that plays the dreidel song, glass dreidels and booklet about Chanukah on my design table which I think is well below kids eye level this year! The large Menorah was my mom's, the low one in front of that was my Grand Parents and was bought in Israel; some I got from friends, and one in a thrift store believe it or not! One I bought on a car trip one year so DH and I could light the lights in our motel rooms! This box full of dreidels I got at a garage sale! The new art supplies are out and ready... I'm going to have the kids make cards with these print outs and
wrap gifts and then give cards and gifts to their parents, great uncle, and us
before receiving gifts themselves.
I made the stack of scarves and hat below this past week
some are knit some crocheted (I could make one in two nights)
for them to wrap and hand out.
This follows up on a story book we read a week ago together about the
Quilt maker and the Greedy King. I'm going to remind them about the king
who wasn't truly happy until he had given to others (instead of just taking).
I think they will "get it"...
Grandma with a plan.
They'll be here this afternoon.
I'm very excited, can you tell?
And while I am in this festive mood
let me wish each and every one of YOU
a happy holiday season
whatever you celebrate
and a
happy and peace filled new year too!
And for those who do not choose to celebrate
just know I am wishing you well
all year long!


  1. what fun and a great way to have the kids learn how to give as well as how to recieve.

  2. Looks like the cleaning is done and the setting up is done too. You will have so much fun with those kids. :)) Look at the pile of scarves you have made too. wow. Lucky parents. :))
    Have fun. Like you wouldn't. :))

  3. there are chanukah preparations here in my brother's house as well...have missed you all and will be back on tuesday. it is a good thing i came, because i have had 2 weeks of counselling. lotsa problems in this home right now. happy chanukah.

  4. Everything is so lovely and loved and you have presented a lovely day to your kids and grandkids and all who are coming. Many blessings to you and to everyone. You are special, Lynn. I think your example as a giving person will be the strongest "lesson" in your grandkids lives. I think as children we learn by example, by seeing the adults around us giving and caring and then it seems a natural thing for us to do too.

  5. What a beautiful Grandma you are! Your collection of Chanukah items is wonderful. What a special tradition to share your mother's and grandparents' Menorahs with your daughter and your grandchildren. You are not only teaching them about a very special holiday, but you are providing them with memories and traditions which will always remain.

    Some people merely survive. Lynn, you thrive, and you share that glow with all who know you!

    Happy Chanukah
    Terri :-)

  6. Thanks to all of you for leaving such lovely comments on this post.
    I am deeply touched by your words.

  7. So much fun! Thank you for letting us be a part.


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