Thursday, December 18, 2008

Getting Ready For Chanukah!

Last years candles burning brightly
for the Festival of Lights
I've been cleaning house the last few days getting ready for our family gathering this Saturday for Chanukah! My sewing machine table is cleared off so we can eat at it. Sewing machine is hiding down there on the floor. I feel lost without it being out. I should have taken a "before" photo of my design table, as it was piled so high with fabrics and stuff you could not see those photos on the mantel behind it. Now it's a neat clean area begging me to come and start a new project. And not quite the eyesore in our family room it was before. I had to hide bags and bags of fabric into two big plastic garbage bags and put them in the garage for now. Tons of embellishments and sewing tools went into a cupboard. I miss my mess! Out came the dreidels for spinning and games; out came the Chaunukah projects to do with the kids (I found on line)...out came the party plates and napkins my best friend, Patty gave me last year! And out came the books about Chanukah...and Curious George! More about him in another post.
And dusted off the doll house left up from Grand kids last visit...
Grandma Lynnie is it Saturday yet???


  1. Oh my.. so neat and tidy. Does it make you want to create more with it like that?
    Looks good. now the company, then the trip back east and then home to a nice clean house for a couple days. :) Doesnt take long for mine to revert back to precompany. Grin

  2. what fun! My twins love Chanukah - specifically the food and the little presents. They insist on homemade Latke's - no "instant" for them. what a lovely time for family.

  3. Happy Chanukah Lynn. Wishing you many wonderful moments with your family... and be sure to tuck those trash bag of fabric far out of the way. I have childhood memories of lost gifts going out in the trash.

  4. Grandma Lynnie you have given me a special peek into your celebration. I appreciate the look very much.

    I think we are kindred spirits in "missing our messes".

    My daughter's boyfriend is Jewish and we will be having latkes with his family on Monday evening. I hear we are going to learn to play a few games, too.

    Awe, have a lovely time and enjoy your grandchildren during this very special time.

    Happy Chanukah, Lynn!

  5. Oh Lynniskynni, I want to come!!And read this book about curious George and the other books about CHhanukah too:)
    I laugh about the "I miss my mess", oh how I understand that! For creative people the mess is something utterly re-assuring, giving comfort and nurturing the hundred ideas for new projects in our heads:)
    I wonder why there are candles missing? Perhaps just because you have to go and get new ones? I'm so curious:)

  6. Yes, Cris, I am enjoying the neatness even though I feel a bit "lost" not having a sewing project going right now.

    Mim, I will be thinking of you and your family as we celebrate Chanukah this week!!!

    Chris, believe me I thought of that when I put my fabric into the "garbage bags". I put them right by the back door so I can get them back in immediately after they leave. We once threw away a good down sleeping bag that way! Oy.

    Kim, I am excited to hear how you enjoy Chanukah with your daughter's friends family! I bet you play dreidel!!!

    Andrea, there are no "missing candles". We light one more candle each of the eight days of Chanukah. So we were on which ever day by the number of candles burning. One candle on day one, eight candles by day eight!
    We also place bets on which candle will burn the longest. Each guest picks a candle to bet on.

    And you are most welcome to come and celebrate with us...and read all the good books too. ;-)

  7. Oh Lynn, thanks so much for your explications, now my question sounded a bit silly...:)
    And I'd like to pick the last candle you put in there, for the bet, you know,...(I'm a wise-ass:)

  8. Andrea, there is no such thing as a silly question! And just so you know, it's not always the last candle put in that burns the longest! (from another "wise ass!"

  9. Happy Chanukah and I too am so lucky to hear about your preparations. I love that: Festival of Lights. May your saturday be filled with joy and love. The mess will probably reassert itself pretty quickly after everyone is gone home. I choose the middle candle for the bet. All those bks look like such fun too. Lynn, you make everything you do into a festive occasion full of fun and laughter. Blessings, Suki

  10. thank you Suki....yes, I try my best to make it fun, this wonderful life of ours...
    Make it all count!
    the ideas of things to do with the kids keep spilling into my thoughts. I am excited for them to be there to put them in motion!!!!


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