Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Birds and The Bees at age Four!!! And Brum!

I'd thought I'd share some cute things my grandchildren said this past Saturday when we visited last. My four year old grand daughter was talking about "the olden days". I asked her what her Olden Days were. She said, "You know, when I was just an egg in my mommies' tummy. I said something about being an egg and she said: "Yes, I came out of my mommy's tummy and my mom came out of YOUR tummy!" I agreed that this was true, but to set the record straight I said that the place in the tummy is called the womb. She asked if she had a womb too? And I said yes, all girls and women had wombs. "Not boys?" "No, boys have penis', not wombs." "well she said, I know that the seed meets the egg and makes a baby in the womb, but what I don't know yet is how the seed gets into the egg." ...............................Pause....................... Well, I said, I think that is a very interesting question and it's the part of a story that a mommy really wants to tell their children themselves. So be sure to ask your mommy tomorrow when you wake up! She said she would. And we went on to read some books. My grandson just listened to this but didn't have any in put. At dinner that night we were talking about Brum, a remote control car my husband happens to own, and one my grandson delights in playing with when he visits our house. He and DH were discussing Brum...DH said something about it needing new batteries and he assured our grandson that he'd have them installed before grandson got there this coming Saturday. Grandson said "Good...but what KEEPING IT?" Oh dear, then DH had to hem and haw so he just said...we'll see, maybe some day... Little does Grandson know that Grandpa plans on boxing up Brum and presenting it to him on Saturday for a special surprise Chanukah gift! He will be so delighted. There is never a dull moment when we are with our grand kids. They give us a run for our money and we love every minute of the challenge!


  1. Out of the mouth of Babes comes some pretty funny stories. Thanks for sharing yours.

  2. PS.. Was Grandpa already going to give the car to him at that point he asked?

  3. Yes, Cris, Grandpa had planned this surprise for some time. Fortunately it can happen on Saturday next.

  4. Sitting here with a very big smile on my face!!!! This cute story really made my day, Lynniskynni and you wrote it so well:):)
    So sweet those too:)

  5. There is nothing to compare to the things children say! They are so truthful.

  6. a delight to read about your two sweethearts. Love the "pause." They are treasures for sure. Have a fun time on Saturday.

  7. Did you give your daughter a heads up before the next morning? :-)
    I'd love to see the look on his face when he unwraps Brum!
    Thanks for sharing Lynn

  8. I'll have to post the discussion my twins had when they were two and the same subject came up. too funny

    Okay - this can't be coincidence. word verification is "unfeck". wow

  9. Slyvain, yes I did give my daughter and SIL a heads up to our conversation. I look forward to hearing where it went from there...or if they forgot all about it (the kids)...

    I will surely try to capture GdS's facial expression when he get's Brum to KEEP!!! ;-)

    Mim, I look forward to YOUR story!


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