Monday, December 15, 2008

Time to Say Goodbye to E & E

Lynn, Fred and Henry V are having a hard time saying goodbye to Ermentrude and Esmeralda. They had such a wonderful fun filled visit. Lynn was overcome with emotion when E & E unloaded a huge bag of wool for her winter knitting of scarves and hats! But finally it was inevitable, time to say goodbyes, as they marched toward the airport. E & E boarded the plane on their way now to Oregon where they will visit Cris, Artist in Oregon, Con, Cats, and Annie! Go to Cris' blog next to see the warm welcome they will surely encounter there. Bye, bye E & E, we will miss you!!!!


  1. E&E landed in OR and Annie and the girls have been having a ball visiting. A pink ball...:) What a wonderful gift they left you with.
    Got to go, so much to do in so short a time before they head for Kim in Washington DC. :))

  2. Lynn:):) I wish I had been there too:)
    Henry V looks sad, snif,

  3. Sounds like everyone had a fun time. What a whirl wind tour they are on.

  4. Henry V loves nothing better than being in the thick of things ...

  5. I'm so glad that E& E are being so well looked after and entertained, when I drew them the first time I did not invisage such wonderful adventures for them!

  6. Yes, Mike you set them off on quite the journey...we enjoyed having them so very much too. And now they are at Cris's in Oregon, soon to go to Kim in DC, and then to Suki's in NH and I think Mim in Boston! Such a trip. I would have like to accompany them!


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