Sunday, December 14, 2008

Welcome E and E to California

Well, some of you have been following the adventurous trek of Ermentrude and Esmeralda, Mike the artist in Devon's two sheep. They first visited CestAndrea in Paris, and then flew to California. They had to spend time in quarantine (while Lynn figured out that Mike was waiting for her to draw them arriving here). She did and now they are here and DH and I are busy showing them the sights around the big city, San Francisco! Afterwards they will come home with us and spend some time with Henry V in our back yard. There is plenty of green grass there for them to graze in. Henry will take them around the neighborhood to see all the mysterious places he takes off to when we are at work or sleeping. I've no doubt they will have a good time. They said they have tickets next to fly to Oregon and visit Cris, the artist there and her dog, Annie. I wonder what she has planned for them? Mike, thanks so much for sending them to us. We are all having so much fun! And they said to tell you "Bleat, bleat"...they miss you and Carole and Tiggy. ;-)
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  1. Glad to see they have arrived safely and are seeing the sights. Annie will be patient a little longer.I guess they will arrive by Tuesday if not sooner. I guess it will be a quick visit with us as I hear they are off to visit someone else next. I think I heard it was Kim. Will have to wait and see.

  2. Lynn, I think you are sitting on a goldmine. The Henry V comics will really make great greeting cards and/or a book. Maybe to sell on your Etsy? Not sure how you would print it. If as a book - mybe limited edition, each with a special handmade cover.

  3. oh darn it, i have missed all the excitement about e and e....but hugs from sunny sa anyway.

  4. Lynniskynni, so sweet and funny, I just love this sketch:):)
    I see that E&E are enjoying their visit in California so much, no wonder if they meet you, Henri V. and your husband there!
    They look thrilled!
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. I wonder if E and E could visit massachusettes and meet miss em? How would I go about inviting them - they look a bit shy?

  6. Mim, they are on a whirlwind tour of the states. Off to Oregon next, and then I hear Kim is on their itinerary. Why not invite them next. I'm sure they'd love a visit with you and Ms Em in MASS! They have their warm coats on already.

  7. this is so much fun. Cris sent me an email explaining the history of the visits. I do recall Andrea's post and even Elizabeth's but I somehow missed out on the grand tour. These guys are really seeing the sights of the world.


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