Saturday, January 31, 2009

Art Show and Spring ? Flowers

We stepped out this evening to go to the art gallery and see the show. Top photo shows the view into the gift shop area... Below are two men hanging out under my "Hard Times" collage...but can't be sure either of them NOTICED it or not... The Boy With Red Lips is not for sale but one might think they could put him on lay away... It cracked me up when I saw that Judy had placed this "Hard Times" piece above a money collection box with the We NEED YOUR HELP sign! Very fitting and very funny too. This is one of the water colors of the Spot Lighted artist Ken Potter. He had two rooms devoted to his art that spanned 62 years! Obviously a fan of MY I did see him looking twice at The Boy With Red Lips...or maybe he was just waiting for his wife to come through that door and rescue him. I was very proud to find my work on this great wall around this other local artists of major renown' drawing of the wolf. More artists gathering and chatting....and eating too...LOOK, that man is looking at my work AGAIN!!!! He may have been the only one who did all night! But that's two looks now for sure! I think that is DH behind the two women looking at the water colors.
And AH SPRING is springing up in my backyard...these are my daffodils that faithfully return each year to add color for a week or so before dying all things must and do.
They usually bloom in February so I guess they are right on target.


  1. So much talent, so little time... and spring flowers look so good right now. Our Robin's have come home....we are so excited. It can mean that spring is not far.
    Hugs, Mary

  2. what an honour. obviously no one knew you were taking these photos.....i am so proud of you!

  3. The art show looks wonderful - some day people are going to be saying 'i can't believe I'm in an art show with the fiber artist Lynn"

    But...I think you are being unfair showing your daffodils! :) since I am looking out my window at a grey, icy, snowy, nasty too-cold-to-play day. Those beautiful daffs make me want to LEAVE here!!! My brother called me yesterday from SLO and he was sitting on his deck in 70 degree weather - boy was I jealous.

    Thanks for letting me rant! Your daffs are beautiful and actually - thanks for sharing them - it shows that there is hope that spring will come here too.

  4. Looks like a fun show. Its a nice place inside. Yes that one guy IS looking at your quilt. cool.
    I think your work is hung in a great spot. Ah Spring. I am so looking forward to some color. Looks like yours will be flowering sooner then ours so I will live virtually thru you. :))

  5. Shopgirl...Yes, spring is springing here in CA...we had 69 degrees F. all day yesterday and even in the evening it wasn't very cold.

    Soulbrush...thank you for your too kind words.

    Mim...oh wouldn't that be something...for now I am just happy to be put on the wall...and sorry if my spring flowers and weather (69 degrees yesterday) rankled your feathers a bit. We do live in a wonderful climate. What can I say? We do NEED RAIN...and we may suffer in the end from this...but it is lovely to live in right now. I'm sure your spring will come...eventually.
    Perhaps one of your business trips will fly you out our way?

    Thanks Cris for agreeing with me that he is actually looking at my piece of art work!!!! LOL

  6. How exciting to have your work hanging in a show like this. I get so much vicarious pleasure from it, almost as if I had work hanging as well.
    But hearing how early spring comes to your area just makes me want to move to a different climate. Sigh.

  7. You crack me up with this running commentary!! But seriously, it is wonderful that your art is there and in such good company. I hope you are on a high with this show cuz you deserve it!!!


  8. Congrats on your pieces in the show and all the attention they got. It looks like a lovely gathering. And the sight of those flowers....amazing. We still have 10 feet of snow.

  9. Marianne...Oh dear, I accidentally hit reject on a comment thinking I was only rejecting the duplication of two sent by one person but it tossed out both...I am so sorry.
    Thank you for your supportive and complimentary comment about my art being in that show and your assurance that it was seen by more than that one man. So sweet of you!


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