Sunday, February 1, 2009

Valentines and Goodbye Fall Hello Spring

What do you do when you are dealing with grief and relief on a Sunday? I did some thread painting/sewing on white muslin making Valentines for my little grand kids...then that wasn't enough so I layered that on top of red with white heart cotton and that on pink tulle, and that on deep rose fleece with a off white muslin backing that shows on the outside border. Oh and I added some red sparkly hearts to them too. and then talking to SIL on the phone, sharing Erika stories, hearing about how her end days were as prescribed by Hospice's folder, right by the book; validating our reality of her dying and death seemed to help...sharing how DH took care of my mother in her last year of life and how K. took such good care of her mom, Erika...How hard it is to be so far away and not be able to help more, praising each other for what we did do over the years...receiving understanding, no ill feelings there, acceptance. going outside in the sunshine, yes we have that here in No. CA... seeing the left over signs of winter... The first signs of spring... grapefruit tree full of fresh life...and life goes on.


  1. sounds good that talk with your SIL. Yes, must be hard for you to be so far away, but you visited often, at least three times I think since I've known you in blogland.

    Sweet valentines. Have I told you that is my son's name too?

    glad spring is showing its muscle there for you. Spring is always so hopeful a time I think, a time of renewal. Blessings to you and your family and to your DH. It is hard losing ones Mom for sure. Hugs, suki

  2. These are beautiful. and I cant believe you have grapefruit coming on already. wow. Yes keeping busy is best for getting through tuff times.

  3. You have made something beautiful, and with love!!!!it doesn't get much better than that.
    When someone we love passes away...and the long good-by, then comes the memories that are the gift. Your, Mary

  4. Sounds like had a day that you needed-talking the bad and doing good with those wonderful valentines.

    I want you to know I did a valentine also while watching AZ lose the Superbowl. But what an exciting game!

  5. Thank you for your comments on Ruth, it has been a work of love...
    Big Hugs, Mary
    You have Grapefruit, we are still in winter here in Idaho.
    Ruth Thanks you too, Mary

  6. Can´t wait for spring. Lucky the circle of life waits for no one. And life comes back. I just love that.
    Wonderful gifts you have made for your grandchildren!

  7. A wonderful day of healing. I wish you many more.

  8. Again, I thank you all for your sweet thoughts. I hear them all and hold them to my heart.


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