Monday, February 2, 2009

Uncle Harry Turned 90 on January 30th

Harry as a soldier in WWII where he served in the Pacific
Harry and my Aunt Mimi
I want to pay tribute to my dear dear lovable loving Uncle Harry. This man is a true Mench. He is the true meaning of goodness. Men like this run in my family. My maternal grand father was such a man. My DH is such a man. And My Uncle Harry is such a man. They all give men a good name! Uncle Harry turned 90 the other day. He has been married to my mother's youngest sister since 1947. Sixty Two years! Can you imagine that? I cannot. But it's true. He met her at a USO club during WWII. She was too shy to dance, but apparently they talked and got to know each other, as he came home and married her and adopted her son from her very short first marriage which ended tragically. They had one daughter together. They have six grand children and six great grand children. They live in a lovely adult community in No. CA. My aunt suffers from medium dementia and my uncle deals with it. He is amazing. When I was about five years old I was going to meet my uncle for the first time. I was told he had red hair and they called him Red. To this day he loves telling me that I took one look at him and said: "He's not Red he's Orange!" (what can I say, I was a cute kid) Anyway, he's been a dear to me my entire life and I love him for it. I am very very very lucky to have him in my life! Happy Birthday Uncle Harry


  1. Wow and still so hansome!
    What a blessing to get old like that!
    Congratulations Lynn! Wonderful post!

  2. aaaaw what a wonderful tribute to a mensch!

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  3. What a beautiful post Lynn! Thanks for sharing the celebration of such a wonderful person on this Earth. I'm glad that he's in your life and continues to be such a special part of your family!

  4. Wow, what incredible photos. Congrats on making that far along in life! I especially like the one of him as a kid. Fascinating socks/shoes.

  5. I just love Uncle Harry's sox in the top picture. Hurrah for Uncle Harry to be 90. Happy birthday. Thanks for telling us some of his story.

  6. Yes, he is still handsome and happy birthday to him! What a wonderful tribute.

    The quilt you made for Suki has put me over the moon, it is just awesome!! When I grow up I want to be just like Lynn, so creative. (lol) (sounds familiar?)

  7. Wow a lovely tribute to your Uncle Harry. My Uncle turned 90 last August so they are close in age and he is THAT kind of man too. My Aunt and UNK, which he likes to be called, have been married 64 years and both are doing good. Amazing generation that was. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Lynn, I just saw the memorial you made for Suki. How lovely. You are such a dear heart.

  9. How wonderful and such a lovely story. I hope your uncle had a great day, and yes...he does sound like a mensch.

  10. Thank you all for your sweet wishes for my Uncle Harry! Mimi will be 90 in May and we will have a big party then (in June actually) for both together.

    Teri C. I guess we are in competition of who can be most like the other!!! LOL This is such fun. Thank you for your kudos! ;-)

  11. My husbands mother is going to be 90 on June 3rd. We are planning a family gathering in California.
    He looks like a really wonderful man. I have been called Red all my life, yep, I have Red hair. My Dad called me this all my life.
    Thank you for sharing. I will share Arney's mom when I start digging out the pictures.
    Hugs, Mary

  12. this is a fine note and about a fine man, he really looks handsome! And happy:)
    And I very well imagine little YOU , Lynniskynni, saying something like that (about the orange) you make me laugh:)


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