Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Sukipoet's Quiltlet Honoring Her Dear Mother

Suki had a wonderful giveaway of fabrics from her mother's stash and I was fortunate to win some. I wanted to make a woven quiltlet for Suki in honor of her mother. Some of you have already seen this on Suki's blog. (You can find your way there from my side bar.) It was great working with these beautiful fabrics. I do not know what they are, I just know they are not the usual 100% cottons I am used to working with. They are much more sheer and delicate. I made a doll of Suki's mom because Suki and I have a connection with dolls* already and it just seemed appropriate to me. *Early in our meeting I asked to copy a picture of a sweet rag doll that Suki had and had drawn. I whipped up that doll in cloth and she still hangs on my wall in my bedroom. ;-) This Mom Doll's face is from a transferred to cloth photo. And the heart represents the heart Suki gave her mom right before her 90th birthday (I believe). The peice is approximately 12" by 15". (If I remember correctly)...


  1. Oh Lynn, I saw this on Suki's blog. It's amazing!! Your heart is so big ;)

    And I love my CD!

  2. Lynn, so glad you posted about the quilt-- with better photos than I had too. I guess I had thought the cloths were cotton but I dont know. YOu are more of an cloth expert that I am. Again, I love the interweavings of the material, the doll with the photo head and the grass growing at her feet. Thank you again many times over for sharing your insights and talents, for being so giving and sensitive to life's transitions. My friend Mort was like that though in a different media. He was a poet and he would write poems whenever someone died and hand them on to others. He also wrote poems to pay for things as he had little money. I called him the Bard of Kent. He lived in Kent Ohio. He often also memorialized things such as the first time we met etc. And the Mount union college football team which had become champions for a number of years in a row. He would send poems about the team to the coach. We both attended this college at the same time though we didnt know each other then. At any rate, I am always touched by the honorings you and Mort and others make of significant moments in our lives. Thank you so much. Suki

  3. omg this is fantastic, and so heart touching, she must be thrilled.
    and i got the cd today, thanks so glad you sent it, i wasn't sure if i needed it or not tee hee....
    thanks friend. there's an award for you on my blog.

  4. I have gazed at his beauty on Sukie's blog and still shake my head at your creativity and thoughtfulness. I know it means the world to Suki!

    I am keeping you in suspense over the hearts. lol but don't wander too far away.

  5. what a nice quilt, I love your story and your treatment..well done!


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