Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Soul Brush; and Local Wildlife

Happy Birthday Soulbrush! My daffodils are starting to bloom just in time to wish you a very very Happy Birthday! I hope your day will be everything you want it to be. L'Hiam...Long Life...Happy Life...Mazol Tov
I am not a "birder" but I do think this might be a hawk at the top of our tall redwood tree this morning!
Henry V joins me in wishing SB a very happy birthday...and says hi to Snuffles, Oscar, Jasper, Romeo, Annie, Slicker, Twinkle, and all the other cats and dogs out there in blog land! Would someone please tell him to get off my ironing board!


  1. Oh I reconize that Bird.. Very definitley a Hawk. Its looking for its breakfast. :) Romeo is on my lap and says HI BACK TO HENRY. He's practically typing this for me. :))
    Yes Isnt it wonderful that SB made it to 61. She said most of her family didnt even make it to 60. So turning 61 is something to celebrate for sure. Enjoy your Grandbaby and day SB.

  2. Its hard to tell for sure without seeing its tail but that hawk looks like our sharp shinned hawk we have around here.

  3. Lovely photos! I miss seeing the hawks like I did in Oregon. And what a purrfect excuse not to be able to do the ironing! But when you do, you might have furry clothes, teehee

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  4. OMG! that look on Henry's face is priceless!!

    Beautiful photos of the hawk and the flower.

  5. Wow, great hawk photo! and that cat - what a funny scowl, kinda like a grumpy old man. (No offense to grumpy old men).

    I've been noticing the daffodiles too. Is it really only Feb?

  6. beautiful photos!!!! That's a gorgeous hawk, and I must say Henry V is a stunning tabby :)

    The Dutch Girls wasn't painted by me. That's one of my friend's cards that she made from an old reproduction. Still framable though :) Did you have the cocoa yet?

    I fell asleep to your CD again last night. Perfect relaxer!

  7. thanks grannie lynn...and maggie loved your cute little pink kind of you. and first thing tomorrow morning i will be taking the bus to fetch my grannie lynn parcel...yahooooo and of course photos of maggie will surely appear....hugs and thanks!

  8. Thanks Cris for letting me know my Hawk is indeed a Hawk!

    Teri just so you know I rarely if ever actually iron. My ironing board is out for pressing bits of fabric when I create quilt art/fabric art; and is piled high right now with CPS magazines, drawings, mail, and other junk...

    Teri C, glad you liked my photos today.

    Terre (three Terry's in a row here) he is a grumpy old man cat!
    And yes, lots of flowers in Feb. I took a walk to day to prove it and will blog them tomorrow!

    LOLO Henry V thanks you for the fine compliment...and I shall hang a Chanukah tree of yours before sending that out then it can stay up a full year almost! ;-)
    No, I plan on giving the cocoa with the card to a dear friend on the right occasion but won't part with it too soon. I like looking at it. ;-)

  9. Daffodils are my favourite temperate flower! Have you ever read the Daffodile Principle?

    Henry has that don't-you-dare-take-me-off-MY-ironing-board expression that Jasper often exhibits when I take him off from something he's monopolizing.

  10. Wonderful photos, cats do love ironing boards!


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