Thursday, February 5, 2009

February is Spring In California

Your flowers are coming to you soon...


  1. Wonderful, I love this time of the year.

  2. These are wonderful. We have some Pansies blooming and thats it.. But the bulbs are coming up and the trees will be blooming by Soon. Thanks for the preview.

  3. Oh my gosh, such gorgeous gorgeous blooms!! wowzer. I want to come and walk with you.

  4. Ohoh...
    I know I got Paris, Lynniskynni but why can't I have a little California too, please?:)
    Just lovely spring pictures, thanks so much for sharing, the colors are gorgeous

  5. Thanks for the taste of's not here yet so your photos are a welcome bright spot. It reminds me of my garden/yard in Oregon with flowering quince and daffodils.

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  6. Wow, so beautiful. I can smell them and it makes me feel nostalgic! Spring (when I have experienced it) has a particular smell - sweet, wet and kind of fresh, woodsy-flowery. I also love the smell of autumn. Those pink roses look 'perfect'.

  7. Oh my - I wish I were there. We're still buried in snow and cold.

  8. wow and now i am truly jellyass of this weather!

    your beeeoootifool gift is here and i am totally bowled over yet again,.......see my blog for entry..............dunno what to say, speechless.
    you are a 'sheine mediel' and a 'gute chava! and i love you lots.

  9. oh an you are getting an african tea towel with your 'giggles zebra' picture, coming soon....hugs.

  10. refreshing to see while in the midst of frigid cold, pipes freezing, skin hurting weather.

  11. I am glad I could put some sunshine in so many lives today!
    Actually it is raining here today, finally, which is wonderful as we are in a drought! I was careful to limit my shower to 5 minutes this morning; turned off the automatic springler system; and am being careful with all uses of water.
    I will get my umbrella now and walk to the post office sans camera!
    SB so happy the gift arrived and you are so happy with it. I'll blog it soon too!!!! ;-) It was so fun to make and hard to keep secret for so long!

  12. GRRR...
    If I didn't like you so much....

  13. Gorgeous bag for the new grandie by the way - she and that adorable little baby will love it.

  14. Mim, I AM SHARING MY FLOWERS! YOU ARE SUPOSED TO BE HAPPY TO SEE THEM HERE...a little bit of California sent your way!
    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL really I meant it. ;-)

    Thanks about the Grandie Bag!

  15. I love ornamental cabbages!! The colors are dazzling. Great shots of everything here Lynn!

    How funny Mim sent you the menorah card as a thank you. I think I sparkled hers, right?
    Now you get to keep the one she sent you so you can pass yours on! I guess that's how it works ;)

    I spoke with Soulbrush today. How awesome!! I heard she had already called you to thank you for your gift. She has a huge heart.

    Have a great rest of the weekend. I'll put your name in the envelope drawing!

  16. Ah spring... another few months before that here in the cold north I'm afraid... but the pictures do more than make me jealous... makes me feel warm too...


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