Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Patty and Lynnie Day!

Another wonderful day in the lives of Patty and Lynnie, two childhood friends since infancy...we used to play jacks, doll houses, Roy Rogers (me) and Dale Evans (Patty), ride bikes, roller skate, build forts in the empty corner lot, dress up, take drama lessons, ballet, double date, and stayed in touch when I moved to the Middle East...came back and Patty worked with me in my nursery school, talked on the phone over the years as we raised our kids living thirty miles from one another... and now Patty is retired, and I have Fridays we still get together, have lunch, go to the art gallery, thrift stores and sit in the house and schmooze. It is just so great to have a friend like Patty. We have both "grown" so much over the years in so many wonderful ways. The older we get the better we get...just more evolved. Survived our divorces, illnesses, problems with kids, now both happily married and enjoying grandchildren and in Patty's case Great grandchildren and of course EACH OTHER. It just can't get any better than this!


  1. Love it! So special. We should all have a best best best friend. The one that really knows you...

  2. Looks like another lovely time with a very dear long time friend.
    You cant beat those kind of friendships. Not many get that in their life time. Treasure it always.

  3. You have posted Patty days before and I am always heartened to read about your lovely relationship. How wonderful to have a friend through the years like this. I do have one friend from childhood but we met in 9th grade, not in younger childhood years.

  4. Yes, this is a very special relationship, we both know it and treasure it. It's fun to have someone to grow old-er with too.
    Yesterday when we were in the thrift store we sort of went our separate ways looking at things, at one point Patty said she saw me across the room and said to herself, "She looks familiar"...and THEN she realized it was ME. Oy, it starts!!!! LOL
    At least we can laugh at that NOW.... ;-)

  5. You are SO lucky to still have a childhood friend in your life, one you're still close to and can have fun with. What a treasure.

  6. you and her share so much 'history; and that in itself makes the friendship so very special.

  7. This is EXACTLY why my husband longs to move back home to Rhode island! He's had the same friends since he was five :)

    You can't make these kinds of friendships overnight. Lucky ladies!! word verification is: tololo!! (should be fromlolo!)

  8. How wonderful to read about you and Patty and your friendship! I think of my best friend, Kelly, who was the first person I met at Michigan State, and who ended up being my room-mate for three and a half years, who's now in Kazakhstan adopting a baby...

    It also makes me a little sad, tho, too, because I think of my little sister, eleven months younger, who should be a close friend but won't talk to me (or my kids). Sigh...

    Glad you and Patty have each other.

  9. Karen, that's one good and one not so good thing you mention here.
    I am glad for the friend who is so dear to you.
    I am sad that your younger sister has found reason (in her mind apparently) to cut you and your family off from her life. What a loss she has created. I hope she wakes up soon to see what she has in you and your family and does her best to get back in.
    I have a member of my family (close too) with whom I was estranged for many years...did hard work to try to heal all wounds...and am happy to say for what ever reasons that person has chosen to be attached again. And this did not happen over night believe me. I gave up trying but I never gave up hope.

    So do not give up hope.


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