Friday, January 9, 2009

I Want To Give Something Away!

I want to have a Give Away!
I've been the lucky reciprocate of several give aways and now it's my turn to well, give something away too. I am pulling from my "other life" than the one you usually see here. My "day job" so to speak. Years ago I recorded a Relaxation Exercise tape...Stress Reduction technique that has subsequently helped hundreds of clients, friends, relatives and myself throughout the past 25 + years to gain control of their ability to react to stress. It's me talking (now on CD) you through a relaxing of your mind and body that leaves you feeling like an old rag doll, limp and loose, and blissed out. The recorded exercise is 15 minutes long. If you think you would enjoy such a CD I will send it to the first ten people who leave a comment plus an address of where to send it. If you would rather email me your address you may do that at . And this is my "word" zentangle for the day!


  1. Oh this is a lovely gift. I have one. It really does leave you relaxed.
    Your zentangles are wonderful. I just was thinking that I have done these before. only I called it mindless doodling and tossed them. funny how the one you just did make me think of them. I just like to doodle for something to do but havent done one in awhile for some reason. Now I wont toss them. :))

  2. This sounds like a wonderful gift! now you will be helping ten more people! Very generous of you.

    Love those zentangles Lynn.

  3. Sure I'd like one if I am among the first ten. I will email the address.

  4. i also have a tape like this,and need it right now, feel really stressed out! so far january just hasn't jelled for me! what a great idea. hugs.

  5. Lynn, I enjoyed looking at all your blogs - how do you find the time to do all this blogging and create the awesome art you do? Thanks for sharing.
    I like you have the ability to follow vs just subscribing to your blog. It's a nice way to help other bloggers get traffic to their site.

  6. Lynn sent me one of these CD's and it is on my ipod and I started listening today in the Atlanta airport - it's GOOD! More feedback after the end of this hectic weekend.

  7. Yes, please, (are you including out of USA blogs?)
    I'm in need of something relaxing after a barrage of emails from Saudi regarding bridesmaid frocks.x

  8. I'm seeing 6 comments up, so I guess I'm in time! Unless there are four comments lurking in the background waiting for approval! Would be interesting to hear you and experience it. Thanks for introducing us to a bit of your 'other' life.

  9. Hello, does it include bloggers outside of USA, if so, count me in. Need as much relaxation with all this wedding planning happening...

  10. Trying to figure out the comments:
    Cris already has mine.
    Teri C. commented but isn't asking for it.
    Suki wants it but I need ADDRESS!
    Soulbrush has one like isn't asking for mine?
    Jan's not mentioning the CD at all.
    Mim already has it and is enjoying it. (mine)
    Jude wants and needs it so please send me address.
    Elspeth please send address too.
    Jude is really discomplobulated with her wedding planning so needs it twice? LOL OLOL LOL send address again.

  11. So I think I have three takers so far. Is this right? If I did not read your comment correctly please correct me. I will send these anywhere in the world. And you may email your address to me at

  12. Oh pooh, I'm sorry I missed out on this. Sounds very cool!! Oh wait, I see now that you don't have ten yet, so perhaps I will still get one! Let me know if you need my addy.

  13. Hi Lynn,
    I did want one of your CDs. Sorry if I misunderstood. Thought you just wanted a comment. I did send my snail mail off line. Thanks again.

  14. CDs have been mailed to Elspeth, Sukipoet, Leah. I will mail one to Jan tomorrow and I am still waiting for Jude's address.
    Email me at
    with address.

    DO NOT listen to CD while driving a motor vechile.

  15. If anyone else misunderstood the post and still wants a CD email me at
    And tell me here too please. Thanks. Lynn


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