Thursday, January 8, 2009

Something New In The Works!

I am working so something will take some time but this is just a hint of what's to come...I am actually designing a whole "something" that I want to wait and show you after it's done. I need to see if I can pull it off, so to speak! Stay tuned. This could take a while. I have top stitched around the Laurel Burch fabric design here.
Do you like the colors?
Main (top) fabric by Laurel Burch


  1. Oh that looks like a really fun piece. I am sure it will come out just as you want it to. How fun to be in on the ground floor so to speak seeing this evolve. Will look forward to seeing more of it.

  2. I love the colors, Lynn! This is very beautiful and very vibrant!

    I look forward to seeing how everything turns out with your new project, too!

    Lovely work to be sure!

  3. I love the colors in this. And, you have certainly peaked my interest in this new project-you are so creative!

  4. Looks intriguing. I love these materials, esp the blue.

  5. Nice, I love surprises, the colours are so lively .... can't wait!!

  6. oh yes oh yes, i do so love the colours, but then i love all your work. i know it;s gonna be fabadabadoo.
    when i send your parcel, i will include some masking fluid for you too. hugs and enjoy it.

  7. Wow! That's really funky! I love it.

  8. hi lynn... been a while... i know... sorry for the absence...

    your site is still lovely... i love to just scroll through and look at the pictures... the ones from the beach with the kids running is magical...

    I want to thank you for always stopping by to see me and leaving such nice comments on my site... it means a lot to me... nice to know i've got such caring friends out there...



  9. This looks great. I just love Laurel Burch.


  10. Oh yes, these are such fun, vibrant colors. They say LIFE! Oh, and I love the word that is at the top of your blog looks like a galaxy spinning among stars. Beautiful.

  11. Kelly that is exactly what that quilt is in the banner, the place where stars are born!


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