Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life is a Day at the Beach in December in CA

SIL sent these wonderful photos taken at the beach in San Francisco by the Cliff House.


  1. esp love the last one, so sweet. That looks like some gorgeous day. I've been there, by Cliff house!!

  2. oh these are lovely. I remember a day in December on christmas day when we were at the beach in SO CAL with visiting company & it was a lovely day. I watched kids going in and out of the water in shorts seing all these wonderful colors and shadows in the water and sand so I took ONE photo which was my last one on the film and I ended up painting it. I still have that painting and It brings me such fond memories when looking at it.
    Thanks for sharing these.

  3. Beautiful pictures but they make me MAD (just kidding) as I look out the window at snow and sleet!
    I remember my first thanksgiving in San Fran - we put the turkey in the oven and spent a few hours by the pool. It was such a wake up call!

  4. Lynn, this looks so great and like so much fun. What precious, sweet children. I can just hear the giggling and whispers between the crash of the waves. This is a very special gift you share with us all.

    Thank You!


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