Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Lyntangle and Found Kids Art

I was really tired last night after my first day back at work following 12 days off! I had energy enough to sit and z-tangle... When I was picking up I came across this "found art" that my grand kids had done on Chanukah. I loved that after they colored a bit on the printed drawing on one side they turned the paper to the blank side and drew their own Menorahs/"Chanuke-ahs"/candle holders for the Chanukah candles! They are so talented.
And I am such a proud grandma!


  1. Your Z-tangles are wonderful. You are getting very good at them. I would imagine after being off work it would be tough to go back to work. Nice way of unwinding.
    Cute kids art. They are thinking like artists already. :)

  2. The menorahs are so filled with life. Yes, i think it is a transition to go back to work after so many days off. glad you had the energy to draw. Such a fun drawing.

  3. Kids art is so fantastic and free. Love these. Love your zens also.


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