Monday, January 5, 2009

Art Studio Make Over and NEW EMBELLISHER

On Saturday DH agreed to bring this cupboard from my office to our home. It used to hold games for kids I saw in my counseling practice. I don't see little kids anymore so I sold all the therapeutic games to an agency and can now use the cupboard for my stash and other supplies. The little yellow boxes on the top shelf are divided into sections when you pull open the drawers. I have filled them with pins, needles, buttons, Velcro, sewing machine tools, etc. etc. etc. They were 25 cents each at the thrift store! I got six of them with two drawers and 8 sections each! The fabric just thrown in right now to keep out of sight was two garbage bags full I had to put in the garage during the holiday company time. Now I will fold it neatly and be able to see what I have! The plastic boxes on top hold ribbons and other embellishments. And now allow me to introduce you to my new toy! BabyLock Embellisher I got yesterday at the Sewing Center in town on sale for $250. Original price on this baby was over $1000 when newly out in the stores. This one had a mark down from $899. It's new out of the box. They are awaiting the newest model so I made out like a bandit! Anyone else using this model? I would love to hear about it and your experiences, tips. Here you can see my neat area now. My mom needle pointed the whale over the teak cabinet.
My two machines fit nicely together on the sewing (dining) table, overlooking our backyard. We only eat on this table when we have company, which is rarely. I love that the machines sit on the first quilt I made in the first quilt class I took in July 2007. It reminds me how far I've come.
And this is the first postcard I made using my new embellisher and sewing machine.
felted silk roving*, Angelina fibers*, a drop of thread nest* and rayon twine around
the outside frame.
*all the new words I've added to my vocabulary since starting quilting
From Peace Be With You: by Norman Cousins
"People who develop the habit of thinking of themselves as world citizens are fulfilling the first requirement of sanity in our time."


  1. what a lovely space to work in, it has 'lynn' written all over it, full of good vibes. i don't know the first thing about sewing machines...
    wordveri:dizeli (it makes me dizzy watching your speed).

  2. isn't it a great feeling to nest? getting rid of excess and organizing the essentials? You are brave to do this all in your dining room, I don't know where I'd be without my basement!
    What special things does the Babylock do???

  3. Everything looks so well organized and tidy. A lovely workspace for you. Do you know Fabric for meditation I think it is. Sarah in Austria? She uses the embellisher a lot though I dont know if it is your model. Have fun.

  4. Lynn, this is a nice creative place! Oh and the Embellisher! I'm looking forward to the beautiful things you'll do with this! The little yellow boxes are very cute:)
    This is a great beginning for 2009:)

  5. You have got yourself a nice little studio there. It looks professional now. How fun to get a new toy. What a steal you got it for. Good timing on looking for one. Who cares if it is last years model. I can't wait to see all you make with it. and I see you have already started. Did you read the instructions first? LOL
    I cant believe you got that cabinet into your car and brought it home. Its a nice sized cabinet too.

  6. Ho ho, lucky you...........
    I can tell you're very excited about your new and beautiful machine.
    I await, with baited breath to see what you make next.

  7. For those who asked, an embellisher is a felting machine. It holds seven needles that punch through fabric fibers and mess them with the background fabric. You use wool, and felt and fleece, anything with a nap to it. It can be used for adding ribbons and such to a piece too. I will just be learning what it can do myself so hang in there with me and I'll show you as I go.

    Thank you all for your warm comments on my cleaned up and more organized space. It feels like I had a studio warming and/or blessing. ;-)

  8. Oops, I meant to write MESH them with the background fabric...hopefully it won't be a mess. LOL

  9. Lynn you are such a 'busy bee' it puts me to shame, as I just do a bit of this or a bit of that then take the dog for a walk, or sit doing a doodle, while you create fantastic art objects, or spend reorganising things.

  10. It looks just fabulous Lynn! I can see a lot of creativity coming from this room.


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