Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yesterday was a mix of frustration, fun, and finally relaxing with Zentangling~ and here is my day backyards starting with the winding down in the evening doodling on brown grocery bags. It really is a meditation of sorts. I recommend it. Click on photos to enlarge for details. Other side of same bag top.
the handle!
Can you tell I like this one? I had to shoot her from all angles I think it looks like a cool purse!
In fact I may try to turn it into one.
I also finished crocheting this bright trellis yarn scarf with many odd shapes; one end comes to a point the other is straight.
And this one I did in MN on our trip. Also blue trellis yarn knit. It's very long with very long fringe.
And here came the frustrating part of my day. I was working on the fused painted plastic recycled grocery bags. My sewing machine needles broke, thread shredded, and totally made me a raving maniac.
I turned it into a little clutch bag/purse as seen in the CPS article.
This is the front adorned with some stamps from Australia.
Opens up and shows I used one of my Zentangles for the lining. And am trying to hand sew some Velcro squares to have it close.
and here you see the back! I like the rose that came from the red paint!
Tomorrow I'll share the great thrift store finds I made; my new art studio additions and a great purchase! Stay tuned.
From Peace Be With You: "Nothing is more sacred than peace of mind".
by Ralph Waldo Emerson


  1. what do you do with all these things you make? you must have a huge house or some really empty cupboards.

  2. These are awesome. the paper bag linnzangles, or what ever they are called, would make great pillows. I cant beleive all that creativeness coming out of you. You go on vacation and come back full of ideas and energy. Great work and fun.

  3. Love the zentangle designs. You definitely have a design mind/hand. Amazing bag. And love the recycled small purse bag too. You are on a roll. sorry abt the sewing needle etc frustration.

  4. Wow! That paper bag art is awesome! It reminds me of an old tooled leather purse. Great stuff!

  5. Those bags are gorgeous Lynn. I love them. And, I love the word for them too .. "zentangle". When I first read it, it reminded me of something one would do to un-tangle oneself, and come back to center. I suppose that's what the art of what you're doing does ... you did say it was meditative.

    p.s. I enjoy the little quotes from the peace book ... there is one below that talks about how peace includes "loving with abandonment". wow....
    happy new year!

  6. Goodness, give you an idea and run wild! lol These are all just GREAT! Are you hooked or what!

    Love that yarn. Wow, so pretty.

  7. SB: I have a medium sized often messy house! LOL

    Cris: Yes, Cris, I did come back full of energy after all that sitting and "nursing".

    Suki: Am not frustrated at all today. Feel free and wild and satisfied. Glad you like my things I'm making!

    Diane: Yes, I think that's what my mind saw too, Mexican leather purses!

    Honour: Yes, yes, yes...very mediative! And I'm glad to know you are enjoying the peace quotes too.

    Teri C: Hooked? Probably. Enjoying? YES!! And so Thank YOU for the idea! You've added to my good mental health and evening relaxation. I now Listen to TV as if it were radio! LOL

    Yes pretty yarn on sale at Michaels right now.

  8. YOur purse is are the shopping bags!

    I use a product called Sew Ease...a little bottle of liquid silicone which helps thread flow smoothly. I haven't tried as many different materials as you....but it certainly helps metallic threads avoid shredding and breaking!

  9. You're so creative. It all looks great - and I love the brown paper bag doodles.

  10. hey - that bag is really really cool - bet that absorbed lots of energy as you worked on it. thanks for showing it to us!


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