Saturday, January 3, 2009


This plea is totally separate from my "Inspired" post below (HELP: Would everyone who sews on paper, paper with batting, plastic, etc. please tell me what size & type needle and thread you use! PLEASE. I have broken "metallic sharps, and embroidery needles today so far; and sulky rayon threads keep shredding!!! I NEED HELP!!!!) ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ******************** People are choosing words (one or two) for their new years incentive. Mine, I've decided will be "Inspired". It's the outcome of what I want to accomplish. To be inspired. An easy task given all the fine art I see daily on blogs here, and in the art magazines I buy and/or subscribe to. I want to continue to be inspired as I then think I will act on that inspiration and create. Today I took out colored pencils and colored some of my Lyntangle/Zentangle. It is so relaxing to do this. And I really like the results. I like it not colored too. My new Cloth Paper Scissors magazine arrived in the mail! I got inspired almost immediately and ran with the suggestion for using recycled materials in a project. I followed instructions for creating fabric using recycled plastic grocery bags. You cut off the handles and bottoms, open them up spread out and stack four bags like this on top of each other. Place them on paper, and add another sheet of paper on top, then iron for 30 seconds in a spot on a medium heat until the bags fuse together. Some will burn if you hold it too long...and that can be cool too...makes holes. Then I painted using acrylics on top of the fused plastic fabric. After the paint dried I did some top motion sewing. I broke one needle going over some of the bumpy areas. Oops. I have no plan on this. I am just letting it evolve as I go. But I had wanted to make something using recycled materials and this pushed me to learn a new way to do that. It may all be a practice piece or it may evolve into more. Time will tell. I have no idea what it is, but I like how it looks! The mail also contained this lovely ATC by and from Fionie in Australia, a member of the Around the World in 20 Quilts group I belong to. Thank you Fionie, it's really pretty. It's called "Hello Sunshine". It feels so shiny and good to the touch as well.
We had some sunshine in California today too. ;-) I'll send some your way if you need it.


  1. I love your quilts. Happy INspiration. We have lots of sun here but you can still send me some from California. I feel it's different brand!

  2. we had some sunshine today too... i took my daughter on the roof to play... (most of the houses in Iran have flat roofs...
    now i see the sun in the ATC card is much warmer... and warmer than that, your heart brimming with inspiration and creativity...
    your works are amazing...


  3. i think just waking up inspires you, these are terrific. i think you need to change the name of your blog to: lynn- my feet are now soaked!

  4. Do you know Natalya's blog? All last year she did a mini quilt a week using recycled stuff like this. I think it looks pretty cool too. Love the colors of yr lynntangle. Your word works two ways. You hope to be inspired and you ARE inspirational to others, to us folks out here in blogland. You are always coming up w/new ideas. by the by, werent your purses made out of dresses recycling?

  5. Okay Elspeth, some 'California brand sun' is coming your way...from my heart to your kind one!

    Human Being you say the nicest things...thank you. Glad your little girl got to play outdoors in the sun. May sun shine on you all this entire year and keep your warm hearts warm and happy.

    Dear Soulbrush, you make me smile.
    Yes, I am ankle deep at least in inspiration upon waking! Life is good, life is good.

    Suki, no, I do not know Natayla yet, please send me her URL.
    Thank you for your kind words too.
    How sweet to think I might inspire others as well as being inspired by them. Ah shucks! Wow.
    And yes indeed, those purses were all made from recycled dresses and tea towels. Good memory yours!!!!

  6. Inspired. You truely are. You are inspired and an inspriation as Suki said. I never knew anyone who would take on a challange to create something and go full blast into it. Its been fun coming here and seeing just what you will do next. Thats what we all hope to do inspire and be inspired here this year. Kudos to you for using recycled things to create beauty. I love your lynntangle. and the ATC card you received too. We have sunshine today also. makes me want to go do something creative now.:)

  7. That is a GREAT zentangle Lynn!! And that whole bag thing is very interesting. Thanks. I love working on brown bags.

  8. I agree, "my feet are now soaked" fits better. I love the piece with the recycled stuff. Very cool.

    I use denim needles when I sew all the different materials. I haven't broken to many, and I go slow if I now I have some tough stuff to sew through.

    Good luck. Let me know if anyone else has some good advice.


  9. Thank you Terry...Denium is what I put in next...but was afraid to sew...thought I might have to do some of it by hand where it is really stiff. What type of thread do you use???

  10. Hi Lynn,
    I use Mettler thread. Comes in a polyester and a cotton. I get it at a great price from the Woodland Sewing and Vacuum center. You buy three threads and get the forth for free. Free is always good. A great family owns the shop too.

    Good luck


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