Friday, January 2, 2009

Creative Every Day

click to enlarge photo to see details Teri C. introduced me to Zentangles. I looked them up and liked the concept, but not the kit they want to sell for $49 of special paper and pens etc. I did mine on a brown grocery bag with my micro black sharpie pen. Spent hours last night doodling and enjoyed filling in the large space. Here you can see three (on top) of the long piece I did. It was fun and relaxing as they suggest. The bottom three pictures are more playing around with paintstiks again on brown paper bag, paper towel and on muslin. I wonder what I will create today? How about you, what are you creating?


From book: Peace Be With You: "Peace comes from feelings of satisfaction when working with joy, living with hope, loving with abandonment." by Arnold Hutschnecker

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  1. GREAT zentangles Lynn!! I am so glad you have found the fun in these. I get so into them, it becomes a meditation.

    I never bought the kit either, not with all the great paper out here. I also love doing them on brown bags/paper, then you can use high colored pencils for contrast with the ink.

  2. These are all wonderful. I looked up the zentangles thing too and thought you also had to have some kind of program. So, you just drew yours freehand?? I dont really "get" it truthfully. i mean the official one.

  3. Suki, there is really not much to "get"...other than they are profiting by "teaching others to doodle" and use it as a meditation as Teri says, and that everyone/anyone can do it.
    We've been "doing it all along", but now it has a fancy name.
    It might in fact look spiffy on their little square 'cards' but then we could cut out paper that size ourselves...
    Doodle to your hearts content and call them whatever. Mine are lyntangles! LOL

    Thanks Teri! Yes, I see yours and want to color THEM!!! But do still love how Paint made your lastest one look like white lace!

  4. These are really good. How did you come up with ideas to draw? Why am I not surprised that these are great. Everything you tackel turns out great. :)

  5. these are really amazing... you give us lots of energy, Lynn through your works and your words...
    thanks for all your precious comments... they really mean a lot to me...

    the best reward of doodling is that zen... and peace of mind...

    looking forward to seeing more...

  6. Cris, I believe that when we relax, and I do when I sit to doodle, the unconscious simply spills out on to the paper. I did not plan out what to draw I just let the pen go and do it's thing.

    HB, so good to hear your voice here and on your blog as well.


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