Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm HOME and I am CREATING!!!

Happy NEW YEARS DAY: We arrived safely on a non eventful flight from Minnesota to Denver and a very very turbulent flight with the plane shaking side ways and up and down, it felt like we were in wind tunnel, a cement mixer, and a roller coaster all at the same time leaving Denver. I said the Shema, the Jewish prayer you say right before you die (just in case)...but we made it through and finally landed safely in Sacramento, California after midnight. It felt WARM out at 41 degrees after leaving below zero temperatures in snowy MN. Read "BIG SMILE" What a relief to be home. Today I am grateful for my LIFE, my house, my big fat healthy cat, Henry V, who is also very, very happy to be home; Grateful for my powerful hot shower, my own hair products; (my hair looks like mine for the first time in a week!); my own bed and pillow; my DH who went out early to buy milk for breakfast and got the cat while I slept in; my design table and my fabrics, Paintstiks etc etc etc. I bought this book about the use of Paintstiks on this trip at Colorful Quilts and Textiles in MN. And I used the stencil I got there too. Playing with muslin, my first attempt with both. Just like me always in a hurry, ironed the cloth after I used the stencils and paints THEN read the book that told me I was to cure the paint for 3-5 days BEFORE ironing it. Oh well. It can cure some more and then I'll iron it again. I'll make some others too and do them the right way!!! But I like the way it looks.
It was a bit messy and fun. The paints smell good. I am making a mess on my cutting board...not smart as paint will now be on future projects unless I clean it well.
I'm just excited to be home and creating again, learning new things...
The ATWI20Q quilt challenge due in March is called Brave New World. This is my brave attempt at using new tools to create! Let's see what it brings.
What are you grateful for this first day of the new year?
What are your plans, goals, for creating and living?
From the book: Peace Be With You
"Peace does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or hard work. It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart".
(author unknown)


  1. Welocme home Lynn!

    Your flight from Denver sounds like something I feared when I flew out of Denver-but my plane was not only on time, it arrived early in Tucson.

    All your creative projects look like fun!!!

  2. Now you know what they mean by "There's no place like home!" I love what you are doing with the paintsticks. I have some but I haven't done much more than experiment with them. I LOVE the smell. It reminds me of high-school art class.

  3. You are as creatively prolific as ever! Wishing you and yours and Henry V all the best for 2009 as well ... and much success with your creative endeavours!

    You know - I think Jasper saw the gifts under the tree and thought he would follow suit. One day he killed a bird and (whereas normally he would leave it for me in my room), I found it neatly placed at the base of one of the plants in the garage ... looking like a gift under a Christmas tree.

  4. Glad you got home safe and sound. Nothing like good ole home is there? :))
    I can see you are geared up to create wonderful things. Happy creating this year.

  5. Teri, glad you had a smoother flight. Yes, I am having fun.

    Diane, Judy Wise told me Art and Soul is in October this year, at the Embassy Suites at the Portland airport. Let's start saving our pennies for it, whatcha say? Playing with paintstiks is fun. I'm just experimenting too. ;-)
    (but I call it making art!!! LOL)

    Elspeth, I have no doubt that is what Jasper was doing. So dear of him too.

    Cris, home is where my heart is. ;-) It's fun to travel and it's good to come back home again.

  6. Nice quote. Glad the turbulent plane landed safely and you are back home with all its familiar comforts. The paintsticks sound like fun. I have a cutting mat too for cutting paper and I tend to get glue on it :) At the mo it seems warped so I may need a new one. Have a great weekend.

  7. Suki they warp if left in the sun or heat. And need to be left flat.
    You could try laying books on the mat and see if it helps. Just a thought.

    Yes, good to be home. My internal clock is really a mess. I was up two night in a row until 1:30 in the a.m. Need to get back on a normal schedule! ;-)

  8. Hey - thanks for the Paintstick advice! I will be playing with these next weekend and had seen a demo where the user ironed right away. I know me, don't read the instructions. That's my husband's job. LOL

  9. I bet you do wonderful things with those paintsticks! Happy New year to you.

  10. You were fortunate to get to that wonderful store as they are closing in a month!


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