Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sketches from airport and nursing home visits

click on photo to enlarge for details if you dare

Lest you think me not having been "creative" on this trip...I did pull out a sketch pad at the airport on our way here and yesterday at the nursing home...Oh and I'm reading a book I got about making self portraits in quilts with paper and fabric and the middle sketch is from me looking at myself in the mirror...What a frightening experience that was! LOL I also knit two scarves while here. Today we say good bye to Erika, SIL and nephew and fly home arriving just before the NEW YEAR begins. I am looking forward to getting back to my sewing machine, home, Henry V, and life in SUNNY CALIFORNIA. I do believe the low 40's and 50's will now feel balmy to me!! And I can hardly wait!!!! Happy New Year to each and every one of you. May it be a happy, healthy new year!

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  1. Cute drawings. How fun. very good but you do not look like that self portrait. LOL maybe you feel like it inside but you dont look it.
    That time has flown. Glad you had a great time. Have a safe trip home. Look forward to seeing what new creations you do once home. I have a few more days of company till I can get back to my creative outlets.

  2. Happy New Year....I look forward to coming to visit.
    Big Hugs, Mary
    sweet drawings....

  3. You, not creating!! Never!!
    So glad you enjoyed yourselves.
    Happy New Year

  4. we alwasy seem to do self protraits in a non flettering way. like your sketches, and i could never imagine you idle. happy 2009 to you with the big big heart! hugs.

  5. Greetings. Thanks for sharing both the joy and sadness of your trip. My thoughts will remain with Erika.

    The next time I feel cold, I will remember the pictures of your family shoveling the driveway!

    It doesn't surprise me that you were busy creating while you were away. I believe it is an integral part of your soul. :-)

    Have fun sewing and snuggling with Henry V.

    Happy 2009!

  6. Cris...I too hope I do not LOOK LIKE that self portrait however it's a jumping off place to learn to make one in fabric pieces....stay tuned.

    Shopgirl, do come back often! ;-)

    Jude, happy new creative year to you! Yes, I am still going and going and the energizer bunny...

    Thanks Soulbrush! You too!!!!

    Yes, TERBER...we are home and happy to be here. It was NOT cold to us when we landed late last night. 41 degrees felt WARM. LOL
    Henry V is happy to be home too.
    Lots to be grateful for.
    and Happy New Year to all.

  7. You are one of the most creative people I know, always making things. Interesting drawings. The nursing home sketches really convey some of the sadness of that environment. Happy 2009--somehow I thought you'd already posted abt your return but maybe not. my brain is a bit addled laterly. Happy day, Suki


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