Friday, January 16, 2009

Post Cards Sent

Today I sent out Postcards I made a bit ago to members of our Around The World In Twenty Quilts group. They went to The Netherlands, Australia and Wisconsin! ;-) What fun. This morning I made a long strip of felted threads on felt and am turning this into five ATCs also to be sent abroad soon. I'll show you what I get in return later as well. It is such a fun way to be connected to "new friends" around the world! [If anyone is still interested I sent out five Relaxation CDs this week. If you'd still like one there are more to be had...this give away continues. Just send me your address as to where you want it delivered.]


  1. Lynn, the post cards are fun. Did you put the stamp and address on the back? :) received CD today and look fwd to trying it. I cant use it to sleep by though as no CD player in bedroom. But it will be good in my studio where I do my yoga. Thanks so much.

  2. oh two posts in one day. These look like fun. Tiny but fun. :)
    Please do keep us posted on what you get back.

  3. Suki, I did post one with the stamp on the back as it was firm enough, but the ones shown here are too flimsy and have too much stuff on them that could be destroyed in the mail so they went into envelopes.
    Glad you like them.

    Also glad the CD has reached you safely. I hope you enjoy it.
    You can always use it before sleep in the Yoga room and then just go right to bed afterwards. It will work. You will be so relaxed and ready to sleep. ;-)

    Cris, I will be sure to post all the postcards and ATCs I receive back.

  4. I am still amazed every time I look at your creative mind. Your work is SO creative.

    I am looking forward to your 16 things.

  5. these are postcards. wow. another wow.


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