Thursday, January 15, 2009

Little Curly Haired Girl

Little Curly Haired Girl Colors her world Creatively This is #4 in a series of fabric portraits. (Maria Elkin's directions showed me the way!) Fabrics are from 2 fat quarters; and wavey scraps from a found stash somewhere (yard sale probably) Threads are all 100% cottons in red, yellow, green, light and dark blues


  1. Still think this is darling. Saw it on your textile post. I can see GD in there. :)
    Wonder who is next. :))
    How would a beard turn out?? :)

  2. melena33Wow Lynn,
    These are great! I love the colors and the detail. Very nice.

  3. aaaawww cute, is it your granddaughter? ha ha what fun.

  4. Yes, you all guessed right, this is from a photo of my 4 yr old grand daughter!!! The young artist in the family!!! Glad you all like it. Thanks!

  5. You are becoming the master of these portraits! Another beauty.

  6. I defintely thing this is your niche. well, you do everything so well, but these are so special.

  7. I love your choice of fabric for your granddaughter's hair! The swirl quilting adds to the curls.

    Not only are you doing a wonderful job, you seem to be having lots of fun. That's what creativity is all about. Freedom to express ourselves through a variety of mediums and joy while we create.

  8. It's wonderful, think you're doing so well with these portraits.

  9. Lynniskynni, this is my favourite so far, I love it. It's a happy and colorful face, greatcolors!
    Have a wonderful weekend


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