Monday, February 23, 2009

Cactus Monday Beginner And UPDATE ON ODD FRUIT

I googled this fruit and found it's name. It is Cherimoya and is found in Mexico, Peru, Spain...
Teri C. invited me, (and everyone) to join Cactus Monday. She said it could be a photo or a I took a photo of the fruit I write about below this post and turned it into a cactus! Clever me!!!!
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  1. Did you join us?!
    This is a clever find!
    Happy Cactus Monday Lynn!

  2. This is so clever of you and you know, when I first saw that fruit I thought of a cactus pad.

    I am SO glad I invited you (and anyone) to join us cuz I know you can't resist a challenge or invitation! lol


  3. yahooo welcome fellow cactuteer. what a great start and hcm to you. yahooooo.

  4. HCM! so nice you have joined us! (i am newish too)I love your blog and all your textile art. So interesting and amazing!

  5. Oh this is clever. it looks like an artichoke in a way before the spikes that is.

  6. Cris you are right and an artichoke does have spikes too just not as obvious to see but easy to prick a finger on when picking them up!

    Messyfish, thanks for coming to my blog and for all your sweet comments on my art work.

    SB Thanks...I just have a huge need to be accepted into the group, any group! LOL

    Teri C. you've got that right! Give me hook and I will follow you anywhere (almost). ;-)

    Marianne, glad you like my cactus! HCM to you too. See I already know the lingo!

  7. I have never seen one, and if I did would I know what to do with it? I would be fun to have a one or to on a table when you have guests and see what they do...Just a silly thought.
    Your, Mary

  8. Happy Cactus Monday. Love this drawing. Welcome to the group. I have been away for a few days so I am catching up with everyone.


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