Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Natayla's Art Lesson = Dryer Sheet Leaves!

Natalya at taught me how to make leaves using used dryer sheets and I did it this past weekend! See how well I followed directions and the end results! Thank you Natalya it is a great tutorial and great fun as well!
Okay, here I am looking at Natalya's wonderful directions (on the left) and have put my used dryer sheets into a pan of water and acrylic paints! I soaked them all day long...while doing other things as instructed...until the sheets absorbed the color. Then I put them into the dish rack to dry...Oh I also experimented in dying some squares of batting as well...I am nothing if not inventive... lol
And over night the sheets all dried and looked like this...
Again, according to Natalya's directions I layered five sheets together...
and free motioned sewed leaves on the sheets. Natalya made one large leaf per five sheets, but I wanted more smaller leaves for my latest art quilt project...and got ten to twelve leaves out of five sheets.
Here are the leaves top stitched by machine and cut out laying on the art quilt for now...
Last night I added some hand embroidered stitching around the veins and outer stitches around with gold and green and bronze metallic threads...These are the leaves you see on the top of this post!
Again, thank you Natalya and I encourage you all to go to her blog and get the directions for making your own leaves or whatever from used dryer sheets.
I can now say I hand dyed material!
;-) and if you scroll down to the previous post
you will see I found the name for that odd fruit.


  1. OMG That is so clever.. they do look like leaves. How fun and interesting a project. Cant wait to see how you use them.

  2. Now THAT is inventive and creative! They look gorgeous. Now I am wonderging what you are making this time. Hurry! don't keep us in suspense.

  3. these leaves look fabulous! great job! now when do we get to see the whole piece?

  4. Oooh, I like these! I could see them all layered in a beautiful glass bowl I have!

  5. will happen, you shall see, all in good time. ;-)

    Teri C. be can't rush the artist...some of the art has to emerge yet and we wait together for it to happen.

    Natalya, thank you again for your wonderful tutorial, and I am working on the whole piece, but do not yet have an unveiling date.

    Teri and the cats, follow Natalya's tutorial. It's fun. Soon your bowl will be flowing over with beautiful leaves.

  6. What a great idea for using spent dryer sheets! Makes me want to try something (don't know what!), too.

    Creating is such fun, isn't it?


  7. the crow: yes, creating seems to be my passion...i feel driven to create every day. Tonight I added beads to the leaves...they sparkle!


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