Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Teri Tells Me It's Bloomin' Tuesday!

Happy Blooming Tuesday from my garden

Keep scrolling down there is more for today, you aren't done yet! ;-)

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  1. Ohmygod, you are something else! I just finished a note to you on my blog! LOL.

    And these beautiful blooms makes you an official member of BT!

  2. what a delicate colour these are..welcome to bt, yippeeeeeee.

  3. THESE ARE GORGEOUS. Never seen any like this before. wow.
    Your one busy lady blogging today. :))

  4. Your world is the most colorful, fun place to be I've seen for a while. Keep blooming!

  5. Yes, Teri C. in 'real life' I am not a joiner, but here, well it is obviously another story all together.

    SB...pretty, huh?

    Cris, I think they are doubles.

    Suki, very bright yes?

    Echo, thank you and welcome. do come again!!!

  6. Geez, daffs already! Where the heck do you live? Thanks for sharing :)

    p.s. I love the leaves you made. Amazing process!

  7. Scroll down? I don't see anything else on this page. Am I missing something?

  8. get zapped, thanks for coming by and thanks for your comments. I live in No. California and yes it is spring here already!
    My bearded Iris are about to bloom and my peach tree has tiny pink buds on it.
    Stay tuned for more flower photos when they pop open.
    Glad you liked the leaves. They were fun to do.

    Elspeth, there is the flowers and then the dryer sheet leaves...

  9. oh, i'm so jealous of your flowers! daffodils?

    WE're still snowing here in Canada!!! sigh.


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