Thursday, February 19, 2009

Doddle Thursday Done on Wednesday

An evening of doodling on the couch with TV in the background, but I realize I barely look up anymore while doing this with my new color set of micro pens...
This one struck me as sperm and thoughts triggered by learning on face book that my DIL was ovulating and she and my son were trying to make a baby the other I said to them upon reading this online..."Is nothing sacred anymore?" ;-) A serious conversation regarding the coming of spring, this worm has popped up from all the rain we've been having lately, during a brief visit from the sun.
This one is obviously an example of being inspired by my blog artist friends...need I say who? an attempt at a journal page one rose grows in the center of many surrounding spirals = me surrounded by friends and she is my favorite today just found her there at the last minute peeking out
to wish you all an easy Thursday
Hoping Mim is having an easy time with her Vigil


  1. OH, great zentangles or rather lyntangles. I lol about the sperm conversation (DH is looking at me like a good joke was coming). Sweet sentiments on the rest of them. I do these with TV in the background and if DH asks me a question about the program, I have been knkown to say,'what program?'

    My same sentiments about Mim.

  2. Yes, we are all thinking of her and her family.
    My, what a thing to read on FB!!
    As usual,some lovely doodles from you,much better than TV

  3. Yes he laughed Lynn!! But he is not a blogger and doesn't even like the internet so there are some things lost in translation.

  4. my thoughts are with mim too. love the last one, and the mandalatangle. i hate facebook.

  5. Sending prayers and strength to Mim. I agree that the facebook thing was carrying things a bit far. However I did get a bit of a chuckle reading about it. Nice sketches. Like yr new pens.

  6. Oh dear.. to much info.. grin
    Love your lynntangles. wow you are going to town with these. You go girl. wonderful work.
    Guess the vigil is over for Mim. Her Dad passed away this morning.

  7. wow Lynn... you've got such a talent...
    i simply love them all...
    the colors and forms go well together...
    really really impressive...

  8. Oh, my favourite is the one that reminds you of sperm. I love how you filled in the shapes with solid colour areas on one half but not on the other half. And yes, I have an idea which artist with a blog inspired the one with flowers. Hee!


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