Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Joining the Animal Wednesday Group and Getting A Gift From Soulbrush

I don't know if the Animal Wednesday Group is a closed group, if there are initiation rites, or membership fees, but I am jumping in nonetheless, until told otherwise! Cheeky me!
And I know these first two are not really animals...snails and fish are NOT animals, they are...well, snails and fish... (click on photos to enlarge and brighten) So I dug out an old sketch from the same sketch book I was using for my Lyntangles and found a real ANIMAL to post...
An old sketch from 2007 of Henry V you might remember... But then I realized I had some African Animals
on the T Towel Soul Brush sent me
along with this delightful card from her very own artwork that I love
(card art by Soulbrush...card produced by Lolo for Soul Brush) thanking me for the gift I sent her recently
Isn't it GRAND
from one grandma/grandie to another!
Thank You Grandie!


  1. Ah.. such a sweet drawing of Henry. And cute drawings of the snails & fish. How fun that you got another gift. Love her card. Nice of her to share it with you. :)) Enjoy...

  2. So nice to get gifts in the mail, for sure. and these are lovely ones. Henry is watching those fish methinks. Waiting till he can snatch one.

  3. Lynn, you are a woman of so many talents...Wow! I love your drawings...and why are fish and snails not animals? Maybe this should be "creature" wednesday.

    It sure looks like a lot of love going on sure can't beat that at all!

    Thanks Lynn!

  4. mim's our animal wednesday founder, and i am sure she would agree with me when i say 'welcome' grannie lynn...
    the tea towel does look splendid, and so glad you like it, please use it in a quilt, i would be thrilled.
    i also realised that i love your headings fro each post, they are like a chapter in itself, a blurb for what the post is about, terrific. hugs. and btw i saw my cutiepatootie again today as my dil needed some help...yippeee ehow lucky is this grandie!

  5. Yes, Cris I am a lucky lady. Glad you like my drawings too.

    Suki, I think you are right, i better guard those fish as Henry can be quick on his feet.

    Kim, thank you too...I love this doodling time and being a part of the creature lovers of blogland.

    SB: Happy for you getting so much Maggie Rae time in!!! As it should be. ;-) Thanks for the welcome to the animal group! I wonder if they would like to wander in my forest quilt those wild animals? Maybe but no promises, am still figuring that one out. But something sometime. They are so nice and colorful.

  6. hi Lynn,
    i have just joined AW today as well
    Your animal art is fun, and yes snails fish count and so does Henry V! Cute drawings!
    Wonderful fifts you have received from Soulbrush!!

    happy annimal Wednesday!

  7. What in the world took you so long to join Lynn?! You usually jump on things fast.

    This whole post is so interesting and wonderful. I use a lot of 'stretch' when I do HAW.

    Welcome aboard!!!


  8. Marianne, glad to be in such good company! Glad you like my drawings. They sure are fun to do.

    TeriC, I guess I thought it was something for a small elite group of people, never before dawned on me I could just jump in. Something struck me today and I jumped...IN.
    LOL What's the H in HAW? Happy?

    See ya next I just hope I remember what to do when! Oy! LOL

  9. Lynn,

    I love the fish and the kitty too, gifts are nice too. I hope all is well with you.


  10. Hurray, you joined Animal Wednesday!! I think snails and fish count, for sure! And I love the expression on Henry's face. Too funny!
    I also love the fact that Soulbrush is using her cards!

    HAW to you (on Thursday!!)

  11. Henry's expression is always classic ... even in illustrations.


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