Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Love Flowers and LynTangles Proof of CED

Aunt Mimi went outside to pick me two beautiful Camila's from her bush before we left on Sunday. They brighten our kitchen today! This was a favorite flower of my mother as well, and I have a similar bush in my backyard too. A family tradition!
And just so you know...I continue to strive to be creative every day...a weeks worth of Lyntangles to prove it:
Sometimes working at a snails pace using a new set of micro pens I picked up this weekend!
Hard to stop drawing hearts too after a week of Valentine fun. BTW I got a call from my daughter and grand daughter (age 4) who let me know she "Loved" her quilted Valentine I sent her. Her brother turned his into a Frisbee! It figures!
Swirls are fun...
Kelly (on Feb. 14 post) has a link to a video at her blog that shows using a bowl to make a circle for a mandala "Zentangle". My bowl has a ruffled edge...making for an interesting outline. It's back to work after a long lovely lazy weekend of rest and play visits and shared love. It's raining here in California where I live. What are you doing today and what's it like outside there for you? Enjoy the day and remember Every day is a gift! My aunt Mimi said so. ;-)


  1. Lovely lynntangles
    I do a lot of spirals lately as well and also make a snail of one of them.......
    The flowers are gorgeous! I have them in the garde but they are not in bloom yet.

  2. Lovely flowers. We had two big bushes in front of our house we ended up pulling up. they got some sort of black fungus on them but they were so pretty.
    You have been busy. Great Lynntangles. :)
    You have stolen all our rain so we've have nice warmish sunny weather here. :)) RATS! LOL

  3. Hi Lynn,
    Looking at your lynntangles brought back memories of drawing with coloured ink when I was still at school. My designs were not were curvy and flowery like yours, mine were grotesque faces. Thinking back they were good you know. LOL

  4. That flower is gorgeous and luscious.

    Even a mandala among all these tangles. YEAH! she did it!

  5. Nice tradition, the camellias. Love the tangles. The last one might be a favorite, reminds me of an old bowl found in Greek ruins in a way, must be the pesce.

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  6. gorgeous flowers for sure. I dont think they grow around here. You are having fun doing the zentangles. I saw Kelly's and the video too. We had a sunshiney 35 degree day with some melting. It felt like spring but we expect snow tomorrow. No flowers or even buds appearing I do not believe.

  7. Hi Lynn, lynntangles:) I love them. your mandala is great too, with it's ruffled edges...
    The camelias are stunning, oh what a color! Here it is still cold and a bit grey but no rain!
    have a great Wednesday


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