Monday, February 16, 2009

My Teen Years and The Start of Something New

My teenage years: That's me on the left. I was so self conscious. I thought I was ugly. Funny how years change one's perspective. I guess many teens are insecure even today. That's Joann on the right. I no longer remember who the guy is. We are I think on Stimson Beach near SF. I think I am 17 or just 18 as this looks a lot like my senior year book photo (short bangs and all). Joann is smoking in this photo. I heard she stopped smoking in her later adult years. But we lost her to lung cancer last year. Patty here below, Joann, Marion down lower, and I all grew up on the same street, the three of them on one side and me across the street. Patty is sitting on the lawn of my parents' home. I bet she had crinoline petticoats on under that skirt.
Marion is leaning up against our almond tree. It's her house you can see behind her. And her bike! This must have been taken when we were a bit younger. Marion passed away quite a number of years ago now. She was the yo-yo champion of Washington Playground.
The four of us grew up together. We played together as little kids and lived there until we turned eighteen. Joann may have gotten married before finishing high school. Maybe not sure. I need to ask Patty. Patty finished high school and got married. I went off to college. I think Marion married a guy in the military.
Little did I know that a year later after that top photo was taken that I would be dropping out of college and traveling the world!
Ah Youth! ********************************
This is a fragment of my latest project. What you see here are some woven strips of different fabrics: satin lining fabric, fat quarter from MN, some thrift store finds and some remnants.
Stay tuned for the rest of this...ideas in gelling stage.


  1. Oh, I LOVE your quilting, weaving! It reminds of the surface of water. It has movement to it!

  2. That quilt looks like it FEELS good!

    Those pictures are wonderful. You're beautiful, and you're right about the self-image thing. I see it in a couple of Katie's friends--

  3. Oh these are fun photos. Yes I too thought the same thing about being fat etc. What I would give to be that now. LOL
    Is this the Forest quilt.. what your DH calls it?
    It looks so silky and does kind of look like green reflected water. maybe in a forest. Cant wait to see the finish. I love your teasers.

  4. What fun to see these photos from your youth. I think you look very pretty here. This weaving is so lovely. The greens very appealing and cool feeling.

  5. Thanks differenceayearmakes, I see the water now too, that could take me in a whole new direction. ;-)

    Karen, it is full of texture...smooth and rough and bumpy... ;-)
    Oh thank you for the compliment on ME. My old self is so much more confident than that young me was. I guess that is what growing up is all about.

    Cris, its good we grow out of those self doubting spaces... ;-) right?

    And yes, I have shared with you that DH called this piece "forest"...but now I am seeing water...who knows what it will end up being?

    Thanks Suki. You know I can't remember that day at the beach...maybe barely vaguely. Maybe???
    So long ago.

    Nice that you get a feeling to go with this quilt piece. A wall hanging it will be.

  6. You are so cute!
    We can be so hard on ourselves, never believing we are this or that enough. Only to look back and see that we were perfect!
    I was the same. Thank goodness with age we get wisdom!

  7. how i love those black and white photos of yesteryear, so much nicer than the ones we have now. i bet it's a quilt of your teeanage years....glad the parcel got to you.

  8. Terry your words are oh so true!

    SB: I do have a quilt in mind that goes with that theme but this one is not it. I confused on purpose! Tee hee.

  9. SB: and one of my clients got a big kick out of your drawing of the zebra unraveling today! Loud good to hear coming from her. ;-)

  10. Nice to see the old pics. You weren't ugly at all, but like you say - youthful perspective and insecurities.

  11. Holey moley, I think we grew up on the same street. It all looks so familiar. And sounds familiar also. What fun!

    Love this new look on the weaving. The only thing I know how to weave is baskets. Does that count?

  12. Elspeth, childhood can bring such glad I grew up! LOL

    TeriC, I am not at all surprised you grew up in similar circumstances...and I never wove a we are even...again!

  13. Sweet memories, you were sweet Lynn:)
    love these pictures, thanks for sharing this with us. And oh, you were so very young to travel the world, you must have been cheeky already then! (referring to today's post:)


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