Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day Visit To My Aunt and Uncle!

DH drove us to Stockton was sunny some and overcast some but didn't rain until the drive home five hours later... Here are my aunt Mimi and Uncle Harry at the opening of their first camera store in 1948! How young and sweet they were... They worked this store until they retired and then their son took it over and he just retired last year! The store has now closed for good. Mimi got my DH to smile and laugh...
My Uncle celebrated his 90th birthday on Jan. 31st this year. Mimi will be 90 in May.
Uncle is looking up the word Mench in his Yiddish-English dictionary. We discover there is no female form to this word, which means 'human being' and 'decent person'. So it can be used for both males and females! It is used when you have very very high regard for the person! As I do for my Uncle Harry!
My aunt is my mother's youngest sister, the last of the three sisters still living. It was so much fun being with them both. They have wonderful senses of humor and we reminisced about family, told jokes, talked about our was very rich...and as my aunt said: "Each day is a gift." We truly enjoyed this gift today!
A truly Happy Valentine's Day
Full of LOVE!!!!


  1. Lovely way to spend The Day of the Heart!

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  2. lovely post and sounds like a wonderful day. How great these two are still here in your life. Wow. Great photo of yr DH and you too.

  3. Its good to visit family when you can. Pleased you had a good day.

  4. What an absolutely wonderful day! So makes me wish I could visit my aunt and uncle - but it is just too far and I can't leave TinMan, who can't travel at all just now.

  5. What a precious visit! And priceless photos!
    They both look so handsome! And healthy.
    And I think you look a little like your aunt! You are both so pretty.

  6. What a sweet happy post Lynn.

    We will be back in Wis. from June through Sept so when you get to MN, let me know as we are only 3 hours from MPLS.

  7. Yes, a wonderful way to spend a day, with relatives. Sounds like they were great fun to be with.You are so lucky to have people like these in your life.

  8. These are great photos. You look really good in them. I love the old photo of them in their camera shop. That is a priceless photo. Love her hair. My mom wore her hair like that too. Glad you had a wonderful day.

  9. lynn you look just like your aunt, and doesn't she look so young too! she is a mensch just like you...hugs.

  10. Lynn,

    What a sweet post. How blessed you are to have them in your life and all the wonderful memories. They are so blessed to have such a sweet and thoughtful niece! I love the pictures of you with them. You look so pretty and happy. I also love the smiling picture of your Sweetie Pie.

    Thanks for sharing your day with us.

    Hugs, T

  11. Lynn, I just have to say I love the spirit you share with the world on your blog.


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