Saturday, February 14, 2009

ATCs, Postcards, Cards Pour In and One MORE Valentine to all of YOU!

A wonderful week of receiving! My snail mail box filled up with delightful art from so many different people, countries, it just warmed my heart no end.This card from Mim is art by Lolo! This time with candles burning bright! Three wonderful ATCs from Mim starting with this gold rimmed flower followed by three bottles with tops And what? Protozoa? LOL THANK YOU Mim.
This delightful "Ice Cream by the Sea" by Sue in Australia,
a member of our Around The World In 20 Quilts group.
Thank You Sue
Also from ATWI20Q group Linda sent this wonderful sparkly snowflake "Winter" ATC.
Thank you Linda
Simone in The Netherlands (ATWI20Q) sent this wonderful "Water" ATC
Thanks Simone
Along with this delightful paper postcard Sue tells me the ATC was made
with "hand dyed fabric, breakdown printing, stamping and rubbing with paint sticks."
Amazing the work that can go into the making of an ATC.
This "Winter" Postcard is from Marian in Australia also from ATWI20Q group.
Thank you Marian.
She painted on fabric to add snow to the trees, and piled snow on the bottom
is confetti fabric covered in tulle.
This ATC also from Marian is "Spring" personified.
Embellished with little flowers and beads.
Thank you.
And finally one more Valentine paper bag art
from me
all of you!
Happy Valentine's Day
"Hearts and flowers" From Lynn (My Picasa photo program automatically adds a copyright signature on everything I enter here so please discern which art is made by me and which is made by others even though my copyright words are on all the pieces. In no way do I want you to think I made the work of others).


  1. Wowzer, what a bonanza!!!! I feel guilty that I didn't send you anything :)

    Happy V. Day!

  2. Well, thank you Lynn. Its the only valentine I got. Nobody knows my address. haha. Happy valentines to you too.

  3. Happy Valentine´s Day Lynn!
    Lovely gifts you have got!
    Wonderful ATC´s! They are such fun!

  4. It is so gratifying to see all this creativity and love flowing your way from all corners of the earth, especially since you are someone who is always pouring your love and creativity into the world.

  5. Wow, you lucky lucky thing! They are all so beautiful. How does Picasa do that??
    HAppy Valentines Day

  6. These are some hearfelt gorgeous things. Interesting about the copyright tag. I didnt know one could make one in Picasa. Happy Day, Suki

  7. To you too Chris!

    But Terri C you DID give me a Valentine, remember???

    Judith, so glad to be the ONE!

    Yes Marianne, they are!

    Kelly, it just proves that what goes around comes around! Ain't it grand?

    Jude, I can't recall off the top of my head but I'll look it up for you.

    Suki, Now you are making me wonder if it WAS Picasa that did that for me...???

  8. Jude and Suki, perhaps it was not Picasa after all. I can't find it there and now I cannot recall how I did this. Oy. It starts!

  9. so glad for you. hope the grands enjoyed it too.


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