Friday, February 13, 2009

True Love

We were going to visit my Uncle Harry and Aunt Mimi today, but Mimi wasn't feeling up for a visit when she got up this morning so our plans have changed. I was going to bring this Valentine to them, as they are the most IN LOVE couple I know! Ninety years old and over sixty four years together. Can you even begin to imagine that? Maybe we can go tomorrow instead. I hope so.
I see Valentine's day as 1. a Hallmark occasion, but also 2. a reminder to love the ones you LOVE and be sure to include YOURSELF!
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  1. This is so sweet. No, I can't even imagine that long.

    When they feel better you can give it to them.

  2. what an incredibly long time, whew, just to live that long...and yes we all need to show our love and love ourselves. hope you get to go tomorrow.

  3. Sorry you didnt get to go today. Hope you do tomorrow. These are lovely pieces you did. They will love it.

  4. What a lovely inspiring post!!!!!!
    What a dear couple!
    And such wise words and lovely Valentine drawings!
    Have a wonderful day tomorrow!

  5. Thanks the meantime I'm home creating...all is not lost.
    True love abounds here too. ;-)

  6. Lynn lovely cards so much better than commercial ones.

  7. Thanks Mike...I think so too! Although my aunt owned and ran a Hallmark store for many years this way is so much more fun.


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