Thursday, February 12, 2009

A True Friend

A True Friend
Is one who drives a half an hour to come for one hour to go to the art gallery with me on my lunch hour...praises my artwork...comes to my office to eat lunch with me...and then drives all the way home again on a rainy day~ Which is exactly what my best friend for 67 years and 8 months did yesterday~My Patty~
This tree is outside the art looks to me as though someone painted it.
Happy Valentine's Day Patty!
Thank You for your undying friendship, being there through thick and thin, your unconditional love and continuing to play with me all these years! I love you!
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  1. Hey, where is your stuff hanging? and how long will it be there?
    Best friends are the best! They know our heart. We are lucky to have such people in our lives

  2. What a lovely tribute to your oldest or should I say longest. :).. dearest friend. It doesnt get any better then that. :)
    Love the paperbag art. You are getting so good with these drawings.

  3. You are truly blessed, both of you.

  4. Terry, the art is at the Vacaville Art Gallery on Monte Vista Ave.
    You can google the gallery but I think the show ends Feb. 27th.

    Cris, thanks...glad you like my paper bag art. And I agree, but all friendships are dear to me, yours included.

    Suki, yes, we are blessed! ;-)

  5. Wow - you're SO lucky to have a lifelong friend like that. All the best friends I've had along the way have either moved away or we've grown apart. I only wish for that kind of ongoing friendship.

  6. What a great friend and what a great post to celebrate that friendship.

  7. Thank you for coming by...Ruth does continue, I hope you are enjoying the story.
    What would we do without our best friends, Terry is so right, they know your heart.
    Love your art!
    Hugs, Mary

  8. Heather, i do hope you make a life long lasting friend one day!

    Teri C...yes, yes, it is/was!

    Shopgirl/Mary...I do enjoy your Ruth stories...and photos...thanks for the kudos for my art! Sweet to hear.

  9. That is a wonderful friend!
    Congratulations on having your art hanging in the show!
    Your paper bag Valentine is the best!

  10. I love sharing all of your talented work..........You are amazing. I still wonder how you come up with such wonderful creative ideas and able to put it it motion. Everything comes out just beautiful. Thank you for the handmade valentine. I will treasure it as I do all the wonderful things you have made for me.

    We will always be best friends.....forever and ever.


  11. Patty, so sweet to see your words here and I thank you for them all.
    You warm my heart as always!

    Lila, thanks for the kudos for art in the show! It is a thrill for me.


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