Thursday, February 26, 2009

Soulbrushes' Art In My Office; Handmade Dolls on My Office Shelves (not by me); and Beaded Leaves

I complimented Soul Brush on her stressed zebra painting, said my clients would love it, asked to copy it, and she sent me the original! My clients do love it! They see it on my office wall near the door when they leave their session. The cat below shows Zebra how to relax...I think he is listening to my Relaxation on all photos to enlarge for details These next dolls I have had since starting my private practice in 1991. They were made by hand with handmade papers. I wish I still knew who the artist was but sadly I do not. Aren't they wonderful?
And now for my beaded dyer sheet paint dyed leaves. I sit and bead on the already top sewn leaves and it is very relaxing. The beads I got off a broken necklace I picked up at a funky flea market some time ago. I bring these things home never knowing when I will use them, and then luckily I remember them and go hunting for them in all my stashes when needed. I am embroidering the veins with gold and copper metallic threads by hand as my machine balks at metallic threads and frays and breaks them.
More hints of Living Green art quilt.


  1. Ooooh.... your leaves and peek at your secret project are looking good. can't wait to see it done.
    Love the Zebra coming undone. Very nice of her to send it to you.
    And the handmade dolls are amazing.

  2. zebra looks so good up theres. should help everyone realx. love the green quilt.i am shattered, did two days, have to teach again tomorrow. yikes, it is hard with these little ones. there are only 2 of us in a class with 27 kids..... saw maggie yesterday and she is a living doll. hugs.

  3. That zebra is amazing. Somehow I missed that one but Soulbrush is so great at these things. Lucky you.

    Those dolls are wonderful too. My MIL used to make things like this and I immediately thought of her when I saw these.

    Wonderful post today. Well okay, everyday's is.

  4. Forgot to mention the beads you sewed on. Those look great and add some texture and depth. Lots of work there.

  5. holy moly. I'm so far behind on my blog reading. Loved your dryer sheet leaves and the photos of your trip along the pacific coast and into SF. You should be getting note from me soon. Have a great weekend!

  6. Yes I remember this one from Soulbrush! It was so funny!
    Lucky you to have the original!
    Now I wonder what work you do.......?
    The leaves are gorgeous! Amazing you must have so much patience to create these!

  7. your clients sure have a really relaxing time in your office...

    you... so understanding and kind...
    and the soothing artworks around them...

    Soul's art is always both expressive and imprssive...


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