Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Birds Have Landed; Spring Has Sprung; and My Sky

These little birds landed tonight on each of my dryer sheet leaves...They like pecking away at the beads thinking they are food I think...
And in my garden Spring is getting underway.
And All is Well In My Sky!
Happy Friday to you all.


  1. Yes, I'm getting the feeling Spring has Sprung in a few areas now. Everyone is feeling abit more bouyant.
    The plants are looking good and so are your lovely leaves.

  2. I love the way you re-purposed those dryer sheets. You are working magic on those leaves. What fun...happy Friday to you also.

  3. Happy Friday to you Lynn, and
    love the little birds there on the leaves!
    And the sky picture is my favourite, a dramatically blue sky:)

  4. Talk about multi-tasking! Beautious leaves, birds (watch out for bird poop), sky (and it is the real Friday) and that iris is totally gorgous!!!! You need to paint that bud.

    Happy Friday to you.

  5. Oh what cute birdies on your leaves. You better be careful or they might peck holes in those leaves you so carefully made. :}
    Such a tease for the bigger picture.
    These photos are nice signs of spring almost here. Good signs.

  6. Jude, hi, glad you are enjoying spring in Crete too!

    Marty, thanks...the leaves are fun to work on.

    Andrea, isn't that sky fantastic?
    I love it too. The birds are happy on the leaves.

    Teri C. you have my permission to paint my bud...and leave it to you to think of the birds droppings! NOT on MY ART QUILT they won't!!!!
    I have them trained better than that. ;-)

  7. Lovely leaves and so cute with these little birds!
    Let spring get here too very soon......
    The iris! wow, I planted some last year, hope they will show up soon, but I am afraid I will have to wait a while

  8. yes what a good description, and love the sky too and your garden. i am abotu to post some updated mags photos, highlight of my week. hugs.

  9. you live in a warmer place than do I
    Yet there is no denying - Spring is on the way
    The birds speak of it daily

    Happy Everyday
    Happy spring

  10. Since it was 20 last night and won't get to 40 today, I needed a little spring...
    Hugs, Mary

  11. Marianne, I'm glad you like the little birds on my leaves...and I hope your iris bloom before too long.

    Soul, thanks for coming by and I look forward to photos of Maggie, she IS your SPRING FLOWER!

    Citizen, so good to see you again, I missed you!
    Happy Everyday!

    Mary/Shopgirl, I am happy I could bring some spring to your colder clim.

  12. hiya again grannie lynn. i will be 'maggie sitting' on monday afternoon as my dil is going for her 6 week check-up and you can bet there will be loadsa photos of mags on her new 'grannie lynn's' mat. huggles to you dear friend.

  13. Lynn, I can hardly wait to see where your leaves end up next.

    If you don't mind, I'm going to use your beautiful sky photo as a screen saver. (If you do mind, I certainly understand, and will just come back here to look at it time and again!)

  14. Martha/The Crow: The leaves got sewn today by hand to a larger quilt. Will show when I feel it's done, not yet though.

    You are welcome to use my sky photo for your screen saver if you wish. I am flattered.

  15. I love the dryer sheet leaves. Obviously the birds know a good thing when they see it too.


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