Friday, February 27, 2009

Illustration Friday/Tongue in Cheek or Breeze; A Short Spring Walk

Teri C. tells me that today is Illustration Friday and the theme is "Breeze"...I admire Teri C.'s art and do my best to follow in her footsteps as closely as possible hoping to learn and not trip and fall on my face too much...LOL... Today I took a short walk down the street where I live and found these beautiful blossoms... spreading their pollen
and I breathed it in and came home to a runny nose from breathing Spring!
My next door neighbor had put this little bird house in his tree
and I imagine his children had some help in the painting of it.
I will keep my eyes out for new residents.
Happy Friday
Shabat Shalom


  1. Oh what pretty blossoms. I saw one blooming here today. a darker pink. I am going to have to go back and take the photo of it soon.
    Cute illustration. You are such a natural at everything you try.
    Cute bird house too. I hope it gets some renters. :))

  2. How tweet!!! te he he!! Oh, dear, I keep myelf amused anyway.....
    Lovely, lovely photos of blossom and blue sky, hopefully this grotty weather will have gone by Monday....

  3. oh that is a magnificent tree! thanks for sharing. we are coming to the end of summer down here, and I am glad. Its been too hot. but i do envy you coming into spring. I love all the flowers that come out and say hello after a long winter!

  4. ACHOO!! I hear you on the pollen. Your trees are beautiful!

    Yah, you joined us at Illustration Friday. You are doing such a good job following me around. lol Who has more fun!

    Don't forget cactus Monday is coming, then blooming tuesday and HAW (haw). Will we see any church sketches?


  5. Cris, I will let you know who rents the birdhouse next door...

    Jude, Tweet indeed! I am sending you sunshine from California.

    Messyfish, are you in Austrailia?
    I hope your fall weather comes soon to give you respite.

    Teri C. hopefully we are both enjoying this game! I'll try to keep up with the cactus/blooms/animals/Illustrations
    What is Thursday? A day off?
    I don't go to church so that is your domain alone...I used to go to Synagogue but drawing there would be frowned upon I fear.
    I pray you are the artist is charge of church matters! ;-)

  6. The illustration makes me laugh with her dangling earrings slapping her in the face! Hilarious!

    Our cherry tree bloomed a month ago but now it looks awful. The leaves are brownish (instead of maroon) and it just seems "off."
    Maybe it bloomed too soon.

    Did I every tell you I have a friend who used to live in Vacaville? Her mom and sisters all stayed there. My friend can't take the summer heat. She also couldn't take the PG fog so she bought a house in the sunbelt in Monterey. She has lots of money that buys her options. Not my world!

  7. beautiful sparkly things you've found on your walk...

    and the illustration is SO original and fantastic...

    the way everything is moving with the breeze is amazing...

    loved it... a lot...

  8. Studio, no,this is the first I hear of your Vacaville friend. It is too hot here in summer...and the fog is bad if you have to travel out of town. But winter is mild, and spring beautiful. So it all balances out! Sorry about your early blooming blossoms. The rain may damage ours as well, but they are pretty right now.

    HB: I'm glad you found the sparkles you like so much...and yes, the Breeze is funny and fun.


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