Saturday, February 28, 2009

ATC, Gifts, Fruit, & A Corner Hint of Living Green

This week Chris of Shady Grove blog and Around The World In 20 Quilts group sent me this wonderful "Summer" ATC for our Season's Swap. She calls it "Ginkgo" and incorporated "hand dyed fabric, leaf design cut from freezer paper, Shiva Paint Stik to highlight background, Leaf Veins hand stitched with w/40 w. rayon thread. Can you imagine that much work going into a piece the size of a business card? Thank you Chris, it's beautiful and so extremely well done.
In the past weeks I have been the happy reciprocate of thank yous from a few friends...Patti sent this beautiful hand painted book mark with my name on it...So personal and so pretty, thank you Patti... Elspeth and Jasper gifted me with these beautiful photo post cards that are too pretty to use (yet)...thank you Elspeth.
I wanted to show you the huge orange we bought last weekend at the organic food store in Pt. Reyes Station at Toby's Feed was huge, juicy and delicious...
And this is the inside of the Chirimoya fruit I had conveted for forty years. Well I waited for them to ripen, eating one a day for three days.
The first one was a little sour. The second one a bit less sour. But the third did not sweeten up either, so either this is NOT the same fruit I ate 40 years ago in Spain or the Mexican variety is not as good, OR my memory deceives me. Needless to say, I was a tad disappointed.
Here I offer a hint of some top stitching done on my Living Green art quilt, which is coming along.
I'll sew on it more today. The leaves with birds and beads are all hand sewn into place now using green metallic thread. Here they are not yet beaded or birded and are simply pinned not necessarily in their final positions.
And I hear it is Six Word Saturday:
Grateful For Friends Every Single Day!


  1. another packed post. love the gifts, that fruit looks wierd, never seen it before. love da new quilt. huggles.

  2. Such a lot to comment on here.
    Wow on the Orange size. Bummer about the Fruit. Maybe it was picked to green. It looked like Custard inside. Maybe it needed a bit more ripening.
    Your quilt is coming along. Lots of work going into this. Looking interesting... cant wait to see it all. Like I said you had lots to comment on and I am sure I missed some. Happy creating.

  3. oh yeah. I forgot about the ATC. wow is that pretty. It sure doesnt look like it would be so small. and nice bookmark and photos too.

  4. as i read and watched each beauty you shared with us in this post, i was filling with an immeasurable joy.... and happiness...

    and that climactic ending:

    yes... grateful for the friends we've got ... showering us each day with life...

    lots of love and a big hug, my dearest Lynn...

  5. You're welcome.
    That orange is huge!

  6. Yes, the custard apples we have are not sour. What a shame...

  7. Thanks to all of you for visiting today. I love having company are all among the friends I am grateful having! ;-)

  8. Hi there! What a beautiful ginko ATC! Love it!

  9. I'm a bit slow getting around to blogs lately - but thank you Lynn. I'm so glad you liked it!


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